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SOL calendar 2023 "Openness"

The SOL calendar is an interreligious peace and dialogue project. It has been created for 20 years in cooperation between the SOL association and the interreligious calendar team. The annual theme for 2023 is OPENNESS.

Representatives of Bahá'í, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity dealt with the topic OPENNESS this year. The calendar combines religious holidays with deep philosophical wisdom and wonderful images. This year they will be supplemented by motivating contributions of encouragement. The calendar is also printed according to the highest ecological standards! You can see the calendar online – with video:

An open mind, also for other views, especially in times of social division, was the inspiration for this calendar. Those who wall themselves in with their own opinion lose all flexibility and are mentally dying. But how do we deal with it when the "different opinion" is demanded at the expense of others? In the discussion in the calendar team, it soon became clear that openness does not automatically have only positive connotations. The open apartment door is ambivalent. She is inviting. But we think carefully about who we entrust a key to.

With the purchase you support the dialogue project and the association SOL, which has been committed to a sustainable future for more than 40 years. Thanks!

Our calendar is an ecological flagship product!

It is printed by gugler GmbH and meets the highest criteria for ecological printing: Cradle to Cradle. These unique printed products were developed specifically for biological material cycles. So this calendar could one day return completely to the cycle of nature.

Orders, costs:

Subscription price per piece: €10 (from 3 pieces €9; from 10 pieces €8,50; from 20 pieces €8; from 100 pieces €7,50). All including postage. Calendar format: DIN A4. Online in the web shop, An or by phone on 0680/208 76 51. The subscription prices are valid for orders until September 20, 2022, after that each calendar costs €2 more. 

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