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News Online option

Constantly growing number of visitors:

over 100.000 visits per month 

Young, Conscious Consumers:

58,03% between 18 and 35 years of age

* As of November 2020

Magazine print option

People reached in the year:

over 100.000 well-funded, conscious readers

Distribution: subscribers, customers of Denns organic supermarket, Fa. Multikraft as well as other partners, sustainable entrepreneurs, customers of natural hairdressers, teachers and students, etc.


What option stands for

Our idealistic goals

- the motto: "create a better future"

- Promotion of sustainability, civil society and positive alternatives

- meaningful support exclusively for ethical and sustainable companies

- Sustainable initiatives in German-speaking countries - and also globally

- a completely different perspective on the world

- Motivation to deal with positive alternatives

- Option Medien is an idealistic publisher with a civil society mandate

- fair and transparent business policy with honest information from circulation & co


Why not Facebook & Co?

Apart from the questionable attitude of conventional networks:
It is your own fault if you still post on Facebook & co
, because at best they reach their followers & friends. Option.news pursues a completely different strategy and offers the highest possible long-term distribution via search engines free of charge. So that sustainability & civil society cannot be overlooked on the internet!


Network membership option - flat rate for only 350 euros per year

Option.News brings sustainable and ethical companies, organizations and self-employed people to success. This is made possible by a globally unique combination of social media, optimization for search engines such as Google and the most modern tools. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Annual membership for the network option: 350 euros (excluding taxes)

included: ua Company presentation to option.news, € 350 credit for advertising at Option, and much more

Can be terminated fairly and informally at any time. Exclusively for ethical & sustainable companies, organizations, individuals and those who are on their way there.

Main sponsor option

(please reserve in good time for the coming year)

- Main sponsor and jury member at option award for a better future 
(incl. mention in all press releases, in option print, on option.news etc.)

- 4x panorama double page, subject and / or advertorial in print option

- 4x main sponsor brand presentation in Option Print on the U2

- year-round main sponsor banner on option.news on almost all pages

- Company presentation on option.news in the international company directory on option.news

And much more at an extremely low, flat-rate fixed price

Print advertising in Option magazine

Option is an idealistic, actually independent medium and shows alternatives in all areas - constructive-critical, optimistic, on the ground of reality. Option is exclusively dedicated to relevant news and documents the essential progress of our society.

In the special format 230 × 300 centimeters on high-quality paper and with an extraordinary appearance

advertising opportunities:
classic subject advertising: 1/3, 1/2, 1/1 and panorama pages (2/1)
Advertorial or PR: 1/1 pages +
Product presentations: around 450 characters of text + product image
editorial product tests, company portraits, topic reports

Your advertising from 350 euros

Online advertising on option.news

Option.news is much more than a website with classic content. Option is a global sustainability initiative. Here everyone can publish their opinions and alternatives for the future, but also tips and news for the community. Option.news appears gradually globally and is translated into 104 languages ​​- making it understandable for everyone on this planet.

News from the editors, NGOs, committed people and sustainable companies - product recommendations from organic food, natural cosmetics & eco-household

advertising opportunities:
Banners: large, small, special formats
editorial product tests, company portraits, topic reports

Your banner from 350 euros / month

Free collaboration

Of course, we also work free of charge with many partners, especially many NGOs. If you are interested, please just send an email!

For more information on collaboration opportunities, please contact us at

office [AT] dieoption.at.