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WIDADO – Everything you need is available!

Recently we introduced the new social second hand online shop WIDADO. The initiative is supported by actress Lilian Kleberow. And now the first 100 Option readers buy even cheaper with an exclusive voucher!

In order to protect our climate, it is necessary to extend the service life of products. That's exactly what happens thanks WIDADO, the new social online shop for second hand. WIDADO was developed by Re-Use Austria (formerly RepaNet) and is an association of over 20 socio-economic and charitable Re-Use companies in Austria.

“Second hand is quite simply the most resource-efficient form of consumption. Buying used allows me to take responsibility for the environment and future generations. On WIDADO I can conveniently browse online through reuse shops throughout Austria and shop with a click of the mouse.” Actress Lilian Klebow is enthusiastic. She supports WIDADO out of personal conviction. Customers of WIDADO thus make a valuable ecological contribution.

Buying second hand becomes easy

“The system change towards a circular economy requires attractive offers for customers. WIDADO shows that sustainable consumption does not mean doing without and that ecology can be easily integrated into everyday life.” emphasizes Matthias Neitsch, Managing Director of Re-Use Austria. The project team is happy because WIDADO was awarded the Sustainability Prize of the City of Vienna 2022.

WIDADO is a real social circular economy: While customers benefit from the colorful and sustainable offer, by entering e-commerce in the companies, fringe groups of the labor market, such as the long-term unemployed, receive qualifications in this future-oriented professional field.

Discount voucher: save money and resources at the same time

WIDADO discount coupon

For the first 100 Option readers WIDADO has reserved an exclusive voucher as a treat to get to know each other: With the discount code OPTION23 receive the 100 fastest orderers 15% discount on Simply enter the discount code "OPTION23" [in capital letters] in the shopping cart. The promotion is valid until June 30, 2023.*

* Discount code redeemable on with the first 100 purchases. Maximum voucher value: €50. No cash payment possible. The voucher is valid until June 30.6.2023, 1. Max. 23 voucher per person. To redeem the voucher, enter the discount code "OPTIONXNUMX" [in capital letters] in the shopping cart.

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Written by Re-Use Austria

Re-Use Austria (formerly RepaNet) is part of a movement for a "good life for all" and contributes to a sustainable, non-growth-driven way of life and economy that avoids the exploitation of people and the environment and instead uses as few and intelligently as possible material resources to create the highest possible level of prosperity.
Re-Use Austria networks, advises and informs stakeholders, multipliers and other actors from politics, administration, NGOs, science, social economy, private economy and civil society with the aim of improving legal and economic framework conditions for socio-economic re-use companies, private repair companies and civil society Create repair and reuse initiatives.

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