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Climate protection is a human right | Greenpeace Switzerland

Climate protection is a human right

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💚🙌 The Climate Seniors made history at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on April 9th. The ECHR condemns Switzerland for its inaction on climate policy, thereby setting a crucial precedent. He states: Climate protection is a human right.
🌍 The victory of the climate seniors is a victory for all generations!
💪 Since 2016, the climate seniors have been fighting legally for more climate protection because, as older women, they are particularly affected by the increasing heat waves caused by climate change.
👀 Watch the video and experience this historic day with us!

Thumbnail: © Miriam Künzli / Greenpeace
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Greenpeace is an independent, international environmental organization that has been committed to promoting an ecological, social and fair present and future throughout the world since 1971. In 55 countries, we work to protect against atomic and chemical contamination, the preservation of genetic diversity, the climate and for the protection of forests and seas.




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