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Map: nuclear power plants in Europe

Color code of the nuclear power card

RED: High-risk reactor, boiling water reactor 69 or GE Mark I (Fukushima type)
ORANGE: High-risk reactor, no containment
YELLOW: High-risk reactor, older than 30 years
BRAUN: High-risk reactor, earthquake zone
GRAY: Reactor in operation
BLACK: Reactor switched off

☢️ Increased radiation levels in Northern Europe!


In Finland and Sweden, cesium and ruthenium have been detected - substances that cause accidents ⚠️ can exit in nuclear power plants!


? Stay informed: We have all nuclear power plants in Europe in an interactive map for you! On the country pages you will also find an overview of incidents.


Map: nuclear power plants in Europe


In the EU, 14 of the 28 countries operate nuclear power plants. With 126 reactors, about a quarter of the world's reactors are located here. This map gives an overview of the locations of nuclear power plants in Europe and detailed information about nuclear power in the individual countries of the EU.



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