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What is civil society?

What is civil society

Civil society - that's actually all of us. The concept of civil society has a long tradition and is an important cornerstone of modern societies. The Italian theorist and founder of the Communist Party in Italy, Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937), including, for example, the entirety of all non-governmental organizations "that have an influence on everyday understanding and public opinion." The commitment of civil society is characterized by the self-organization of citizens - in associations, organizations or foundations , as a group or community of interests - there is a wide variety of forms of civil society engagement. The term CSO is also often used internationally. The abbreviation stands for "Civil Society Organization" and includes all organizations that were or are being founded on private initiative.

Civil society - Important actor in public discourse

The fact that civil society plays a decisive role in shaping the politics and culture of societies on a daily basis is illustrated by examples from history as well as current events, such as Fridays for Future or the protests against the demolition of the Hambach Forestry in Germany.

Civil society actors normally involved in various problem areas: from environmental protection to the sports club. Many civil society movements stimulate discussion processes. They assume control functions and demand human rights and the rule of law in certain regions or organizations. And that has to be supported!

Option is voice and network for civil society

Option offers civil society actors and committed individuals the opportunity to network and make their content accessible to the public at large. Because Option is not only an idealistic, completely independent medium, but also a social platform. As a supporter of innovation and forward-looking ideas - without any party political interests - option is a voice of the civil society; for CSO and for numerous NGOs.

Participation is easy. You can register here, Participation is free. You can even earn points and receive attractive rewards.

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