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VGT launches broiler information campaign

Following the shocking revelations, the VGT is launching an information campaign about broilers in front of grocery stores.

A few months ago he covered ASSOCIATION AGAINST ANIMAL FACTORIES repeatedly shocking conditions in Austrian chicken farms. All were awarded the AMA seal of approval. Shown was the brutal collection of chickens before driving to the slaughterhouse, the killing of individual animals and the ruthless running over of chickens. But you could also see the normal, everyday suffering of the completely overbred animals, which often can hardly walk. Many still die in the fattening farms. The revelations triggered great horror within the population.

Information missing!

In order to increase consumer knowledge and awareness, the VGT launched an information campaign on May 31st. In front of supermarkets, banners, leaflets and loudspeakers are used to explain the problems in conventional broiler farming and breeding in Austria. Consumers get tips on what they can do to give broilers in Austria a better life.

David Richter, VGT Chairman Deputy In addition: The horror of the people about the grievances is great, but this animal cruelty meat is still bought. This can be explained by the fact that consumers in the supermarket find it difficult to identify which products they actually want to avoid. Unfortunately, the food trade makes it unnecessarily difficult for consumers - so we have to help so that people can avoid the products they don't want to buy in the first place!

Why is conventional keeping and breeding so problematic?

As part of the disclosures, the VGT reported gross violations of the law. On the other hand, sharp criticism has been leveled at the insufficient minimum standards for housing systems for broilers and at torture breeding. The pictures show the completely unattractive environment in which the chickens have to eke out their existence. In the halls, in which thousands upon thousands of animals live, there is only bedding, food and water. The chicken breeds that are used in conventional chicken fattening are bred to gain weight extremely quickly. After only 4 to 6 weeks they are already transported to the slaughterhouse. This brings with it a number of serious health problems, from which the animals suffer immensely, despite their young age.

VGT campaigner Denise Kubala, MSc: So far, the broilers have been practically invisible to society. In Austria alone, around 90 million of them are killed every year. An unimaginably large number that does not even include those who die on the fattening farms as a result of torture or poor husbandry conditions. We are insanely happy that the revelations have reached and touched so many people and want to use the attention the chickens now have to make much-needed improvements.

The next fattening chicken information campaigns will take place today, June 1st in Graz, on Monday June 5th in Vorarlberg and then in other federal states.

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