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360° OPEN HOUSE at Lux Bau

As a company for the common good, Erich Lux and his team presented in a varied way what a living economy for the common good means, why Lux Bau is committed to it and what the company achieves with it - for its own strategic development, the customers, the suppliers , our own employees and the entire region.

In addition to tours of the company headquarters, there were regular keynote speeches with public welfare consultant Sabine Lehner on the common good economy, the background and goals and the common good balance sheet, the GWÖ's 360° sustainability standard, which offers companies orientation and suggestions for strategically sustainable companies -To successfully manage development. In addition, there was plenty of space for the many interested guests to chat over delicious snacks and drinks.

“The common good economy gives us companies back the meaning of our business.” Erich Lux

“VALUES Gang” at Lux Bau

Erich Lux led the guests through the headquarters in Kirchengasse in Hainfeld and along the specially designed “VALUES corridor”, the exhibition on the values ​​of the common good economy at Lux Bau. The highlights of the four value areas of the common good balance sheet were presented on posters.

In the area of ​​human dignity, you learn that there are many long-term employees (a total of 125 employees from 10 nations) and that integration, further training and social help take place. In the EMMAUS Lilienfeld social project, apprentices were able to actively experience the construction process from the initial discussion through implementation to acceptance for the first time. 

Solidarity and justice are reflected in the understanding that subcontractors and customers are seen as partners, employees can also take parental leave in management positions, the salary spread is just over 1:3 and employees also have a stake in the company's success be involved. 

When it comes to ecological sustainability, Lux Bau relies on electromobility, including for construction equipment, and short delivery routes. Sustainable, energy-efficient construction, C02-free heating, timber construction and revitalization are just as important as the use of high-quality regional building materials.

The mere fact that the common good balance sheet exists shows that Lux Bau is prepared to live the value of transparency and co-decision within the company and also externally. Operating figures are communicated transparently and employees can have a say on certain topics. The management team now consists of 15 people. All details can be found in Lux Bau's public welfare report.

Founded in 1909

The architect and builder Josef Lux, great-grandfather of Erich Lux, founded the company in 1909. Wonderfully documented in an advertisement in the Stadt- und Landbote dated February 25, 1909, in which Josef Lux announced his construction business opening in Hainfeld in March 1909 asks for estimates.

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The Economy for the Common Good (GWÖ) was founded in Austria in 2010 and is now represented institutionally in 14 countries. She sees herself as a pioneer for social change in the direction of responsible, cooperative cooperation.

It enables...

... companies to look through all areas of their economic activity using the values ​​of the common good matrix in order to show common good-oriented action and at the same time gain a good basis for strategic decisions. The "common good balance sheet" is an important signal for customers and also for job seekers, who can assume that financial profit is not the top priority for these companies.

… municipalities, cities, regions to become places of common interest, where companies, educational institutions, municipal services can put a promotional focus on regional development and their residents.

... researchers the further development of the GWÖ on a scientific basis. At the University of Valencia there is a GWÖ chair and in Austria there is a master's course in "Applied Economics for the Common Good". In addition to numerous master's theses, there are currently three studies. This means that the economic model of the GWÖ has the power to change society in the long term.

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