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Presentation of the 360°//GOOD ECONOMY AWARD 2023

The 360°//GOOD ECONOMY FORUM, initiated by the Austrian Community Economy Network, advocates for a fairer economy.

The 360°//GOOD ECONOMY FORUM 2023 in Salzburg at the end of October promotes networking and exchange between future-oriented companies.

This year, for the first time, five companies were honored with the 360°//GOOD ECONOMY AWARD for their consistently public welfare-oriented actions in relation to a group of people in contact with their company. 

Congratulations to the winners, see AWARD page:

  • Suppliers: SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GMBH, Lower Austria
  • Financial partners: Windkraft Simonsfeld AG, Lower Austria
  • Employees: Fahnen-Gärtner GmbH, Salzburg
  • Customers: CULUMNATURA – Wilhelm Luger GmbH, Lower Austria
  • Social environment: RUSZ Franchising GmbH, Vienna

The 360° FORUM offers an inspiring platform for constructive exchange on transforming the economy, strengthening resilience and strengthening relationships with employees, customers and business partners. Participating companies learn about innovative tools and methods for sustainable corporate development. You will also receive updates on legally relevant topics such as the EU-wide CSRD directive and an upcoming supply chain law (CSDDD).

Inspiring experts, such as the internationally networked sustainability manager, Angelika Duckenfield, from Bründl Sports and the managing director of humanistic transformations GmbH Berlin, Gerd Hovielen, spoke of the compliance with the duty of care of companies required by the EU in the near future, especially in relation to on human rights and environmental protection and provided insight into how to prepare for them. 

Barbara Blaha, founder of the Momentum Institute and keynote speaker at the 360° FORUM, asks in her keynote how can we make the economy a fairer place? Your keynote speech can be listened to in its entirety as a podcast.

The 360°//GOOD ECONOMY FORUM is an annual benchmark for future-oriented companies for sustainable strategic development. The next edition will take place again in Salzburg on October 21st and 22nd, 2024.

Ever thought about it, companies oriented towards the common good to support or cooperate with orders or purchases? Promote fair business with us.

Visit our detailed event reviewto discover Barbara Blaha's keynote, a TV report and photos from the event. 

You can find more 360°//GOOD ECONOMY EVENTS at our appointment pagelike that 360° IMPULSE on November 9th at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Picture from left to right: Federal Association of the Common Good Economy Austria, Chairman Gebhard Moser, SONNENTOR CEO Gerhard Leutgeb, RUSZ founder Sepp Eisenriegler, Fahnen-Gärtner CEO Gerald Heerdegen, CULUMNATURA CEO Michaela Bauer, CEO Helene Žugčić, Astrid and founder Willi Luger, Windkraft Simonsfeld Johannes Frey and Alexander Hochauer, 360° FORUM moderator + project manager 360° NETWORK, Sabine Lehner. 


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Written by ecogood

The Economy for the Common Good (GWÖ) was founded in Austria in 2010 and is now represented institutionally in 14 countries. She sees herself as a pioneer for social change in the direction of responsible, cooperative cooperation.

It enables...

... companies to look through all areas of their economic activity using the values ​​of the common good matrix in order to show common good-oriented action and at the same time gain a good basis for strategic decisions. The "common good balance sheet" is an important signal for customers and also for job seekers, who can assume that financial profit is not the top priority for these companies.

… municipalities, cities, regions to become places of common interest, where companies, educational institutions, municipal services can put a promotional focus on regional development and their residents.

... researchers the further development of the GWÖ on a scientific basis. At the University of Valencia there is a GWÖ chair and in Austria there is a master's course in "Applied Economics for the Common Good". In addition to numerous master's theses, there are currently three studies. This means that the economic model of the GWÖ has the power to change society in the long term.

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