Multikraft - Effective microorganisms


As a stable family business, we place great value on consulting and the dissemination of knowledge - in close cooperation with our partners. Using the EM technology (Effective microorganisms as a collective term of the microorganisms that are used) produced Multikraft ecological products with sustainable benefits for humans, animals and the environment.

Ever since the company was founded Multikraft The focus is on the search for ecological alternatives and sustainable solutions, at that time predominantly in the field of agriculture and animal feed. Today we are working with nature as a model, promoting its regeneration and strengthening natural processes. The basis for the functioning of these processes are the smallest living organisms, the microorganisms - in fact they are the basis of all life.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of EM technology offers Multikraft a high quality product world used in garden, agriculture, household and cleaning, animal husbandry, personal care and wellbeing (water revitalization, nutritional supplements).


Naturally effective

The smallest organisms, the microorganisms, influence the entire natural cycle and thus the soil quality.

Our goal is to compensate for environmental disturbances with the help of Effective Microorganisms, to sustainably improve water, air, and soil quality and to make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection. On the one hand, our products are liquid concentrates as well as powders / substrates. They are manufactured under the strictest quality criteria exclusively in Austria with Effective Microorganisms as a basis.



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