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Over 40 years of olive craftsmanship in harmony with people and nature

For more than 40 years, the family company MANI Bläuel has been a pioneer in the field of ecological and social companies. Appreciation, lived sustainability and corporate management from the heart are the "basic ingredients" for the enjoyable and over 100 award-winning olive specialties. The sustainable company philosophy has been a matter of course for the Bläuel family since the beginning.

In addition to the award-winning organic olive oils, the MANI Bläuel range includes all-natural organic olive products in raw food quality, organic mezes (Greek starters), an organic-certified natural cosmetics line made in Austria based on MANI organic olive oil and the first Organic hotel in Greece, the Mani Sonnenlink.

Since 2019, the family business has been offering additional added value with an alternative financing model: The olive tree loan from MANI Bläuel gives interested parties the opportunity to make their money last.

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  • Pioneer of organic olive growing
  • First organic hotel in Greece
  • Fair finance through crowdfunding



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