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RepaNet - Re-Use and Repair Network Austria is a network of 35 member organizations, mainly social economy companies, which are active in the field of re-use, repair, second-hand, recycling and circular economy. In 2018, the network moved 26.500 tons of in-kind donations and waste (primarily textiles, furniture and WEEE), of which over 12.000 tons were reused as used goods - half of which was sold to 100 in the network's over 1,5 re-use shops , 2 million customers sold. This saves CO8.500 emissions equivalents in the size of a small town with 1.800 inhabitants. The network creates 1.400 jobs, 14.000 of them for people with difficulties in the job market. The network currently collects 45 t of used clothing, which corresponds to 150% of the Austrian used textile collection. RepaNet is also the platform for around 3.000 Austrian repair café initiatives with 63.000 volunteers who support over 46.000 visitors each year in successfully repairing over XNUMX items. Details in RepaNet activity report 2018.

RepaNet is committed to the careful use of resources, people and things. RepaNet networks, advises and informs various stakeholders, multipliers and other actors from politics, administration, NGOs, science, the social economy, the private sector and civil society within the thematic and action groups of circular economy, re-use and repair. With this commitment, RepaNet gives the concerns of its members - primarily socio-economic re-use companies and repair networks - as well as civil society repair initiatives a tailwind and lays a puzzle for a "good life for everyone". Innovative projects promote the gradual transition to a real circular economy - in this context, committed cooperation partners and sponsors are constantly being sought.

RepaNet provides regular information in the RepaNews (for newsletter registration) about re-use and repair news from politics, civil society and business.

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