Bio vom Berg
Bio vom Berg
Bio vom Berg

"In order to preserve the semi-natural agriculture in Tyrol, we have created a brand in the hands of the Tyrolean farmers."
Heinz Gstir, Chairman Bioalpin eGen

Harvested at home, grown on the Tyrolean Alpine meadow, bottled in regional farms: More than 600 Tyrolean farmers, butchers, dairymaids, beekeepers and gardeners sell organic products under the brand BIO vom BERG, The aim of the independent producer brand is to preserve Tyrolean farms and to offer consumers top quality organic regional biodiversity. The farmers and producers themselves lead the brand and are actively involved in the marketing.

Unique like Tyrol

Twice a day, a material cable car transports raw milk from mountain farms directly to the organic dairy Hatzenstädt. In this way, the cheese masters in the Tyrolean lowlands have been producing Emmentaler, butter, alpine cheese and cream cheese since 1937. It is the passion that is in every glass of mountain, forest, and alpine honey by beekeeper Bernhard Bichler. BIO vom BERG Companies work close to nature and with the highest quality standards. With enthusiasm they cultivate traditional crafts, adapted to the modern market. Carefully and with regard to nature and animals, the organic producers use regional conditions to produce enjoyment products.

BIO vom BERG experience in the valley

"Meanwhile, it has been shown that organic farming has a future. We embody the modern zeitgeist, taking into account tradition and our roots. "Heinz Gstir, Chairman Bioalpin eGen

In the midst of unmanageable offers in the food trade, the Tyrolean organic brand gives consumers safety. About buying 100 percent organic quality while supporting regional agriculture. Meanwhile, there are over 150 products, including cheese, eggs, yogurt, meat and sausage, fruits and vegetables, mountain herbs, flowers and milk and apple juice. The range is growing steadily, in line with the demand of consciously consuming customers.

For the most part come the BIO vom BERG Products from Tyrol. The satchel of the quality seal "Quality Tyrol - Grown and refined in Tyrol" guarantees the origin of Tyrolean organic agriculture. In addition, companies supply supplies from adjacent mountain regions BIO vom BERG with dairy and cereal products, fruits and drinks.

Small farmers at the big market

"We are the interface between the trade and the Tyrolean organic farmers."
Björn Rasmus, Managing Director BIO vom BERG

The path to retail leads to a strong brand for the small-scale Tyrolean organic farmers and producers. BIO vom BERG stands for quality, for tradition and enjoyment, in connection with a good feeling for consumers. With the sales partner MPREIS the organic producers secure a place on the shelves. Thus, consumers, far beyond the country of origin, benefit from the unique quality of the mountain farmers.

Valuable community

Since its founding 2002, the cooperative Bioalpin strives to preserve the traditional agriculture and food industry in Tyrol. Under the brand BIO vom BERG The member companies produce and sell high-quality organic products. With strategic support of BIO vom BERG Management, farmers and producers are constantly working on the expansion of distribution networks and marketing channels. The cooperative manages the administrative processing, warehouse and merchandise management and develops new products. Fairness, transparency and trust are considered as a principle for the common vision to preserve organic agriculture in Tyrol.

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