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Summer vacation with the Alpen-Sylt night express

Anyone who finds themselves in a conflict this summer between Corona-compliant and climate-friendly behavior on vacation will certainly consider vacationing in Germany and neighboring countries. However, starting your vacation with a strenuous train ride with a mask doesn't seem very tempting, especially on long journeys.

In order to solve this dilemma, a small railway company launched an offer: the new Alpen-Sylt night express. The private train operator runs twice a week DRC from Sylt to Salzburg there and back. It stops at many important vacation spots and cities: for example in Munich, Prien am Chiemsee, Hamburg or Frankfurt.

Many thoughts will initially be: "It will surely be extremely expensive!" At first glance, the tickets for € 399 per trip in a couchette car (regardless of the point of entry) seem to confirm this fear. However, if you calculate that the tickets for the entire compartment, which is valid for up to six people including bed linen and towels, the ticket is always worthwhile - especially for groups or families. That's the equivalent of 66 € per person, with which you can wake up comfortably on the beach, in a great city or in the mountains. You also save yourself a night in the hotel. And best of all: masks do not have to be worn by passengers in your own compartment.

After Deutsche Bahn left the night train business in 2016, there were hardly any convenient alternatives to the plane. Since flying is likely to be very expensive this year, many people are particularly interested in night trains again. Some counterpoints, such as connections that are not fully developed or prices that are too high compared to the plane, are therefore eliminated with the RDC night train - it is an incredibly tempting alternative that can be supported with a clear conscience.

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