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Habibi & Hawara was the first restaurant run by refugees for Austrians in the middle of Vienna. Oriental hospitality is served seasoned with Viennese charm, regional products refined with ingredients from all parts of the Middle East.

Everything that Habibi & Hawara does is built on the three pillars of sustainability. One piece of the puzzle is the procurement of FAIRTRADE-certified products from foods that are not available regionally. That is why they offer organic and FAIRTRADE-certified coffee here. Since October 2022 we have been able to welcome Habibi & Hawara as a new FAIRTRADE gastro partner.

📣 Habussi and Yalla, Oida! You don't know Habibi & Hawara yet?
Well then have a look:
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🔗 Habibi & Hawara
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Written by Fairtrade Austria

FAIRTRADE Austria has been promoting fair trade with farming families and employees on plantations in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1993. He awards the FAIRTRADE seal in Austria.

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