Dessau / Wuppertal. The Climate bet want to see you next World Climate Conference in Glasgow in Nov. 2021 Encourage a million people to become climate neutral.

You should

1. reduce your CO2 emissions,

You can find out how to do this, for example here well explained.

2. "offset" the remaining CO2 emissions of their lifestyle,

It works like this: I donate 2 euros for every ton of CO25 that I cause by a flight, heating, shopping or driving a car, for example to the Association 3 for the climate. He forwards the money to his charitable without any deductions project partners continue. They use the donations to finance useful things such as small biogas plants for families in Nepal, who then no longer have to fetch firewood from the forest for cooking. Another partner that Compensators, buy european CO2 certificates. Companies can then no longer use these for their environmentally harmful production. The background is the European emissions trading. Companies in various industries, such as power plant operators, have to buy pollution rights so that they can emit CO2 into the air. The certificates attest to this right. There is only a limited amount of it. The more of them the Compensators buy and lock away, the less they can harm the environment and the climate.

3. Encourage others to participate.

You can manage your carbon footprint  here calculate. On average, everyone in Germany pollutes the atmosphere with around eleven tons of carbon dioxide annually (the other greenhouse gases are converted into CO2 equivalents CO2e).

If we meet the target agreed at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference ("Paris destination") Want to achieve, that's way too much. At that time, the countries of the world decided to limit the increase in the average temperature to a maximum of two, better still 1,5 degrees. If we continue like this, it won't work.

The Wuppertal Institute did the math: Germany is doing too little to protect the climate. We can only achieve the Paris target if we become completely climate neutral by 2035. We can only do that if, among other things, we renovate houses and apartments much faster, build and connect even more wind and solar power plants, drastically reduce the number of cars and trucks and, and, and. That costs a lot of money at first. But if we carry on as before, the consequences of climate change will be significantly more expensive. You can find the details of the study published yesterday (October 13.10th) here.

Are you part of the Climate bet

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Written by Robert B. Fishman

Freelance author, journalist, reporter (radio and print media), photographer, workshop trainer, moderator and tour guide

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