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Research for sustainable electrification of aviation

The research project was recently launched SOLIFLY (Semi-SOlid-state LI-ion Batteries FunctionalLY Integrated in Composite Structures for Next Generation Hybrid Electric Airliners). The declared aim is to support the sustainable electrification of aviation. What happens is that with the “development of special aircraft components that have mechanical-structural properties on the one hand, that is, for example, are built into the supporting structure, and on the other hand serve as electrical energy stores”, it says in a broadcast. 

And further: "The multifunctionality of these components should increase the overall system efficiency, for example through weight reduction or the integration of decentralized energy storage." Energy storage systems that meet the requirements of aeronautics also play a central role in the electrification of aircraft, according to the project managers. Batteries with a high energy density are required that also meet the highest safety standards. “New types of solid-state batteries made from active materials with a high energy density and solid, non-flammable electrolyte have these properties. Solid-state batteries are currently being developed mainly for automotive applications, but their actual market launch is not expected by 2025, ”it says. As part of SOLIFLY, two different scalable battery cell concepts are now to be developed and combined.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is involved in the project in a consortium with the aviation research centers ONERA and CIRA, the universities of Vienna and Naples and the medium-sized company CUSTOMCELLS Itzehoe.

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