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Historical: EU Parliament calls for EU exit from Energy Charter Treaty | attack

The EU Parliament is putting pressure on the EU to exit the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) in a coordinated manner. It calls for the Commission and the EU Council in one resolution passed today "Urges to start the process for a coordinated exit of the EU from the Energy Charter Treaty without delay". This is “the best option for the EU to achieve legal certainty and prevent the treaty from further jeopardizing the EU’s climate and energy security ambitions.” The EU Parliament also welcomed the exit of numerous EU states and reaffirmed its position of refusing the revised ECT the required approval.

For Attac the decision is a huge success and the result of years of educational work by international civil society. "For the EU - but also for Austria - there can only be one consequence after this historic decision. And that means getting out of this climate killer contract as quickly as possible,” explains Theresa Kofler from Attac Austria. A coordinated exit by the EU not only offers the greatest protection against further corporate lawsuits against the energy transition. It also makes it easier for the EU states to extend the contract for another 20 years to override.

The ECT enables fossil corporationsto sue states in international tribunals for new climate protection laws for damages if they threaten their profits. The treaty thus restricts the democratic scope for more climate protection and endangers the energy transition.

In years of negotiations, the EU has tried to reconcile the ECT with the Paris climate goals. However, this is failed. Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Germany have therefore already announced or completed their exit from the contract. Already on 18.11. there was no qualified majority in the EU Council for EU approval of the revised treaty. 

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