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Greenpeace wins French climate action: Historic victory for climate protection

Greenpeace wins French climate action Historic victory for climate protection

The Paris administrative court ruled today in favor of the climate action brought by Greenpeace, Oxfam, “Notre Affaire à Tous” and “La Fondation Nicolas Hulot”, thus sealing a historic, legal victory for climate protection. The judiciary in France recognizes for the first time that the French state's inaction on climate protection is illegal. It recognized the responsibility of the French state, which is showing itself unable to meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The lawsuit was brought to the Paris Administrative Court two years ago with the support of more than two million signatures. 

“Today is a historic day for climate protection. Over two million people supported the lawsuit to denounce and put an end to France's inaction in the fight against the climate crisis. For the first time in France, a court has recognized that the state's climate protection measures are inadequate to stop the climate crisis. Greenpeace demands that after the court ruling in France, but also in all of Europe, ambitious climate protection measures must follow, so that we can preserve our planet for future generations ”, explains Jasmin Duregger, climate and energy expert at Greenpeace in Central and Eastern Europe. 

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