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Enjoy time out with Readly

Do you have a strong desire for rest and enjoyment, do you long for time out and slowing down? Times will remain difficult for the weeks and months to come. If you are looking for a little contemplative break from the daily madness, you can find it in the world of magazines at Readly.

Over 5000 magazines worldwide

With readly you have unlimited access to 5.000 German-language and international magazines and newspapers in a single app. Thanks to the user-friendly app, you can easily find all the content that interests you - from sport to lifestyle to nature and entertainment. The standard is also available in the Readly app as is Computer BILD, WOMAN, National Geographic Traveler or profil.

You will find a large number of special-interest magazines that are normally only available from well-stocked newsagents. Almost every topic is covered, from yoga to home & garden or vegan nutrition to video games.

Flexible use for the whole family

The reading flat rate is used on iOS, Android (version 4.0 or higher) and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD as well as HDX with the corresponding app - also offline if required: If you like, you can download your favorite magazines to your device in your home WiFi and take them with you the hopefully upcoming winter vacation.

Great for families: Readly can be used on up to five devices at the same time. You still only pay the monthly fixed price of CHF 14,95. The offer can be canceled at any time.

Inspirational Christmas gift

For everyone who is still looking for an original and, above all, sustainable gift for Christmas, the now available Gift cards from Readly be an idea. They are digital, which means you can print them out yourself or send them directly via email. It only takes a few minutes to order and deliver.

Also a great last minute tip when shopping for gifts is neglected in the everyday stress or further lockdowns spoil the joy of Christmas shopping.

Photo / Video: readly.

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