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Email Woodside to stop deep-sea gas drilling in the precious oceans of Western Australia | Greenpeace Australia


Email Woodside to stop deep-sea gas drilling in Western Australia's precious oceans

Email Woodside's CEO now to make them walk away from the dirty Scarborough gas project 👉 fuel giant Woodside is pl…

Email the Woodside CEO now to get them moving away from the dirty gas project in Scarborough

Fossil giant Woodside is planning a massive deep-sea drilling off the coast of WA. It is the first step in the most climate damaging project ever proposed in Australia.

This poison gas project will be a disaster for the Ningaloo Reef and a leak could affect eight different marine parks. Drilling and dredging will destroy critical habitats and giant ships and gas platforms are disrupting whale migration along the WA coast.

We can still stop this project ✊ But we need your help.

Email Woodside CEO Meg O'Neill: Cancel this toxic project and walk away.

Write to Woodside now



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