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Vienna Airport: Third runway canceled for the time being

The Vienna Airport Management Board has - for the time being - put the construction of the third runway at Vienna International Airport on hold. A consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The project is not canceled. However, it may be postponed by a few years“Says about it Airport board member Günther Ofner.

Here are the first statements:

Green Lower Austria state spokeswoman Helga Krismer: “This is very good news for the eastern region. The airport has submitted and now it is the turn of politics: The climate crisis and pandemic show one thing, nobody needs the third runway! How strongly people and the environment are dependent will be a finding after the pandemic. That is why a clear commitment is required from the states of Vienna and Lower Austria as co-owners of the airport against these expansion plans that contradict the climate targets. After the Waldviertel motorway, the other climate-heating project, the third runway, must now be finally off the table. Like the citizens' groups, the Greens will continue to help ensure that the third runway remains on hold and that the poles do not melt. "

WWF climate spokesman Karl Schellmann: “Vienna Airport must finally recognize the signs of the times. Anyone who invests in infrastructure that is harmful to the climate and soil ends up in a fossil-fuel dead end. More air traffic will further worsen Austria's miserable CO2 balance and increase dependence on fossil fuels. This would increase the effort and costs involved in combating the climate crisis. A massive expansion of rail traffic would be ecologically more sensible and economically more sensible - specifically through more attractive and improved rail services to neighboring countries, in particular to gradually reduce short-haul flights and shift them to rail. "

Christian Gratzer, VCÖ communication: “The VCÖ welcomes the decision as economically sensible and ecologically as necessary. Because in order to be able to achieve the climate targets, air traffic after COVID-19 must have a lower level than before. Therefore the increased expansion of the international rail connections in Europe is necessary. "

Mira Kapfinger from System Change: “Austria's most damaging monster project must now be officially buried! The co-owners of the airport, the city of Vienna and the province of Lower Austria, must finally take their responsibility and enforce an end to the third runway. Instead of pouring climate-damaging flight growth into concrete, the course must now be set for a climate-friendly mobility system. In the decisive decade in the fight against the climate crisis, steps are needed for a long-term reduction in flights and a fair reconstruction of the aviation industry and no new runways. "

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Written by Helmut Melzer

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