To win: 90 min.Diagnosis and treatment according to physioenergetics and TCM

“As a physiotherapist, I“ read ”disharmonies and physical disorders, primarily through the arms, which enable“ biofeedback ”of the body. This creates an individual insight into what the tested person needs to optimally support the self-healing powers. My areas of expertise are nutrition, exercise and bodywork, ”explains Anita Nussbaumer. She has been involved in nutrition for over 15 years. The focus is on 5-element nutrition and Tuina An Mo massages as the basic building blocks of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In any case, it is particularly about a holistic view

To win: A first 90-minute session with Anita Nussbaumer, with a complete diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the needs, the specific topic of the winner will be addressed.

Physioenergetics | Tuina | Ismacogy | TCM nutrition
Neuwaldeggerstrasse 41/2/8,
1170 Vienna / Austria
Phone: + 43 664 51 55 421
[email protected]


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