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Trends 2020: focus on meaning

BILD to OTS - Fjord Trends 2020

"Even if the Austrian economy has a comparatively high level of awareness of sustainability: Most companies have by no means modified their supply chain so that they can reach more people with less and therefore the right things. But that is exactly what the goal has to be, ”says Markus Höfinger, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive in Austria, when the“ Trends 2020 ”report by Accenture Interactive's innovation and design consultant Fjord is published.

Sinnstiftung plays an important role in the report. Höfinger: "More and more people are asking the question: What 'purpose' do brands and companies have - what is their reason for being and what is their right to earn money from? Most companies have so far failed to provide the answer. ”

In total, the report locates seven trends, including “meaning in work”, “life-centered design” and “people become barcodes”. See link below for details.

Picture: Accenture

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