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Option asks YOU: What's wrong?


Away from wars, exploitation, human rights violations, restrictions on freedom and the countless problems of the world. Option wants to know from YOU what you think is going wrong - in Austria, Europe, the world and our society in general!

All input will be here anonymous and uncensored published on! You don't even have to give your email address.

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    #1 A foreseeable end

    Economic growth, profits and power by means of "goods" people, resulting in overpopulation of 120 billion within 1,7 years !!!!!!!!! now 8 and is promoted by politics, because what the rich, corporations own becomes even more valuable (raw materials, real estate, company shares ...) ... living space, raw materials are "limited", a foreseeable end!


    #2 Everything has been going wrong since Corona!

    Too many people let themselves be scared without questioning! Now many of them are getting sick from side effects. Some are already showing limitations in the mental area!

    As an "unvaccinated person" I was excluded by some stupid people. It is sad! Am 77,5 years old.


    #3 it's all about money

    Our EU...the WHO...the Kages...We are only being harassed...driving schools for older they don't drive should go...fewer staff in the hospital because many have been laid off because they didn't let themselves be vaccinated...and many doctors were therefore taken out of's all about a lot of money and the population should be less and less...the damage caused by the vaccine should be recognized more...mankind should only to be controlled.


    #6 ...

    Too little climate protection!

    scientific skepticism

    corruption in politics

    incompetence of politicians

    disintegration of society

    Europe on the decline

    Compulsory unanimity in the EU in many areas

    slope of democracies

    attack on journalism


    #7 Together and not against each other...

    People have died alone, children have been told that they are endangering their grandparents... injustice has been done and nobody talks about it... the cloak of silence has been laid over it...

    People live at the subsistence level... the inflation hits everyone, but those who already have little anyway the most. And what is being done about it? Where is politics and is it taking its responsibilities seriously?

    The tone in our society has become rougher and that makes me very sad!

    I wish for a togetherness and not against each other...

    I wish that this government would do something and not stand idly by!

    #8 Processing and learning from mistakes...unfortunately no!

    People, regardless of their profession, who have a different opinion, are denied morality, they are defamed and then even put in the "right corner". Incredible and so comfortable! Those who do not correspond to the current narrative have nothing to say! Haven't we all seen "the wave"...?

    WHO does what exactly...serving those who fund it...? The EU does what exactly ..? Deals with the pharmaceutical industry...

    People have sometimes been forced to take a vaccine that has not been adequately tested! This was also given to children and even pregnant women! Ethically absolutely reprehensible and that never happened!!!!

    #9 slaves of the future

    a catastrophic left-wing extremist policy becomes the grave of the underprivileged, aloof world saviors, controlled by usa billionaires, are brainwashed every day and sworn to the end of the world with computer models. In addition, an Islamization accompanied by a gigantic population exchange that wipes away all the traditions and customs of the local population. steered by ideologically blind people who unscrupulously represent and spread the interests of the world's richest. our hard-fought democracy is being transformed into a usa-eu dictatorship, what remains is a stupid and frightened mishmash of people, slaves of the future, easily steerable and controllable.

    #10 Social injustice

    Rule of a few financial magnates who buy political puppets in the background under the cloak of democracy and exchange them if necessary.

    Money, not politics, rules the world!

    #11 It gets distracted by really important news or events

    It is distracted from really important reports or events by unimportant details. Eg climate glue: It is not really relevant for the climate whether a few people are stuck on the street, but that heavy oil transporters continue to sail unhindered across the sea and transport goods that are not essential for survival. eg LGTBQ+: It doesn't change anything if I address someone with the gender designation I feel for him/her, if women still earn less than men and are more at risk of poverty in old age. 4 day week: There is no need to discuss it if there are not enough skilled workers. Nobody works in nursing because the pay is still not right and the working hours are against any regulation.

    #12 natural intelligence

    The natural human intelligence remains constant! It's just stupid that it has to be divided among more and more people.

    It's also stupid that we are no longer able to solve problems in our own immediate environment, but sit down somewhere and shout loudly: politics must solve!

    #14 From "having" to "being"

    We need to get back from "having" to "being"! The previous social and economic model, whether turbo capitalist or state capitalist (= communist) will not work for too long - the planet has reached its load limit!

    If we don't change course here, we will very soon end up in a catastrophe of biblical proportions...

    #15 Monococcus imbecillus

    The growth of our species soon becomes exponential, our strategies of consuming resources until they run out, inflating our economy until it bursts like a soap bubble, the fact that we perish from all the waste products and we topple one biome after another leads in one direction, it doesn't help our limited minds to resort to either spiritual or immature conspiracy theories...

    Unfortunately, it is quite banal: we have incredible possibilities, but a control center which is inferior to that of a simple bacterium

    Cuvier says hello

    #16 Different power system

    Let's establish a system of power that will truly ensure the survival of the majority of people, based on sociocracy and rolled out globally through India's neighborhood and children's parliaments.

    With this we could tackle climate change, unfair distribution of resources, species extinction, corruption and many other problems in a sustainable way.

    #17 media mistrust

    Another problem is that since Corona there have been many people who distrust the mass media and therefore run the risk of believing propaganda from other sources that is even less evidence-based.

    #18 Expanded Consciousness

    I believe our focus is constantly diverted and reality remains hidden. Important are our steps to expanded consciousness. What can we edit, what can we recognize. What options do we have in contrast to AI. Creativity, compassion, recognizing truth. Prerequisite to be alert, because the world is also changing through us and the certainty that we are always connected to the source and receive the nourishment for our soul from there, even in the dark.

    #19 ...

    Rents that are too high, too little regulation, too much political lobbying (in Germany FDP), stigmatization of renunciation, too few staff for controls (vacant apartments, environmental protection, tax evasion), economization of all areas of life...

    #20 tilt

    The rich keep getting richer, the rest keep getting poorer.

    Profits are privatized and often shifted to tax havens, losses are nationalized.

    Corruption in politics and in the mass media is rampant.

    Fewer and fewer corporations control more and more companies and media.

    Almost everywhere, politics is now only made by the oligarchs.

    More and more ground is being sealed by shopping malls and the center of villages and towns is getting emptier.

    The majority of agriculture is still not managed sustainably.

    The masses cannot afford the climate change / the climate measures. Individual mobility over longer distances is increasingly becoming a question of filling the bank account. E-cars are too expensive for most people, alternatives are unfortunately still being suppressed by politicians and corporations.

    Direct democracy is still ignored or even prevented in many countries.

    It is ruled more with prohibitions and coercion than with education and dialogue.

    Asylum and integration policies have failed in large parts of the world, xenophobia is increasing and extreme parties are gaining ground.

    There is a multi-class medicine, the "plywood class" has to wait longer for appointments, but the quality received is always worse than in private medicine.

    Good alternative healing methods are not paid for by health insurance, although they would sometimes be significantly cheaper.

    The healthcare system is still being cut to pieces.

    Education is inherited - children of academics more easily become academics as well.

    Private schools & universities count more in the labor market than public institutions. Politicians, even some social democrats, prefer to send their children to private schools.

    All-in contracts at work encourage exploitation of workers.

    A lot of overtime is not paid.

    A large number of people cannot afford to live, despite working full-time.

    Even in so-called rich countries there are still children who have to live in poverty.

    #21 Selfishness and materialism destroy our society

    Our western world consists more of appearances than reality, people become dull and brutalize. A cool Instagram profile counts for more than taking time for a little humanity. Nobody really looks at their fellow human beings or listens anymore. Selfishness and materialism destroy our society, we live so outside that we forget our inner values ​​or find the time to pass them on to our children. It's very sad and scares me.

    #22 Title: Unnecessary value conflicts, hierarchies, hostility to the rule of law

    Not everything that has value has to have a price.

    People have to train - each for themselves - media competence and conflict management strategies.

    "The ones up there" don't exist and any form of escapism should be rejected collectively.

    Empire thinking and the rule of thumb are to be clearly rejected (also the respective manifestations with victim cults, victim-perpetrator reversal and savior mania).

    Climate protection is homeland protection.

    The people are confused.


    Vaccination is love (vaccination refusal is a general general hazard).

    Radio technologies work (to warn against this goes into the realm of conspiracy myths and promotes Reich citizen ideologies).

    Promote stakeholder value in cooperatives, together with administrations and in neighborhoods.

    Operate the transparent state (with clear rules) instead of maintaining official secrecy (also prevents nepotism).

    Supply chain law must be mandatory (incl. clear jurisdiction for any offences).

    Global fairness in price & product policy is in demand (via UNO, WHO, IMF and World Bank).

    Street work and psychosocial support that is local and affordable for everyone.

    The police must be the best Antifa.

    Democracies must be resilient.

    Clearly oppose QAnon, Scientology, the Anastasia movement, anti-Semitism, evangelicals and any conspiracy narratives.

    Humanism instead of religiosity/spirituality (faith more as a hobby and never for "right" or even "truth").

    Secularization now!

    #23 Almost EVERYTHING is going wrong! Just two points here.

    Ukraine conflict:

    Anyone who is for war and arms deliveries is a good guy.

    Whoever is in favor of peace and negotiations is a "right-wing extremist", "anti-Semite" and "friend of Russia".

    Corona test pandemic:

    Anyone who resists restrictions on fundamental rights and invokes the constitution is a "right-wing extremist", "slobber" and "enemy of democracy".

    Anyone who asks critical questions about "health" measures is an enemy of science.

    Anyone who accepts everything that politicians and the media (without actual evidence) say and demand (tests, masks, lockdown) without being asked and uncritically, is siding with "science".

    Greetings from George Orwell.

    #24 Lying, cheating, covering up

    Politicians have distanced themselves from the citizens, dissatisfaction is growing. There is lying, cheating and covering up, and people are watching. There is no longer a community, only narcissistic lone wolves on the move, bred to function.

    #25 immigration, asylum, lobbying

    USA-EU, corrupt political caste, inflation, violation of human rights, green climate madness, propaganda media, destruction of the infrastructure, migration of small and medium-sized companies, unemployment, large corporations Moloch, speculation, citizens lose their homes for "refugees" democracy dissolution, bans and laws without end , complete failure of the judiciary, complete failure of the protection of the constitution, inflation in unimaginable dimensions, redistribution from poor to rich and super rich,

    #26 People don't question enough and don't reflect on themselves

    Companies that outsource and exploit work, squirm from specifications

    People who are so afraid of something being taken away from them that they don't realize that there are oppressed groups that need support or are taking up space for discussion

    People who think they can rule over the bodies of others. Pro Choice is Ois, where the freedom of others begins, your own ends.

    It has become so rare that people take the time to understand, to listen. Does anyone really care about whose feelings? It needs even more sensitivity!

    Psychotherapy is needed for everyone!

    Affordable housing, capped prices on housing and basic food!

    Support but at the same time withdrawal from developing countries to finally end postcolonialism.

    Humanity before wealth and related exploitation.

    Enlightenment against a shift to the right, nationalism, radical religions = better education systems with better pedagogically trained teachers.

    Awareness against violence against women and queers (it must finally be treated at the same time >Statistics say every third man thinks it's ok to hit women< wtf?!

    Climate protection, there must finally be consequences for politicians and states that do not follow the rules

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