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Can you do that?

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Can the state simply extinguish a human life on the grounds: "What you do to another, we do to you?"

Can a Southeast Asian dictator forbid any signs of individualism on people and stalk the people for military purposes?

Is it allowed to buy a slave for life in an African developing country right next to a fruit trader without any ifs or buts?

Tim asked himself these questions while viewing a documentary on human rights for a presentation in the classroom. "Questions that should be thought about, in general, not just when a text or documentation draws attention to them," he decided. 

“How can I encourage something to change?” The student asked himself. Admittedly, it is not easy to leave a lasting impression, since almost everyone has heard of it, thought about it for a moment, developed a queasy feeling and then distracted himself with friends in order to fade it out as soon as possible.

“Can you do that?” Tim wondered. "It can't be that you can just hide other people in whose situation you might find yourself." Tim went to school with these questions the next day. There are questions that make up his presentation, just that and nothing else. The students' answers are different:

“Fire is best fought with fire!” Replies one student to the first question. “You should have a free choice everywhere!” Replies a little girl in the front row promptly.

"These are all violations of human rights and it is a scandal that this is not punished!" Adds an otherwise quite quiet student in the room.

human rights violations; Things that no one wants to voluntarily submit to and yet are only defended by a minority of the population. Things that cannot be clearly defined. Things that should simply be obeyed, especially when it comes to human trafficking and human respect. Things that are very closely related to justice, especially related to the first question. But, is it really fair, or an excuse, to kill another person because he or she killed someone else? Can you live with a clear conscience when you know there are these violations of humanity and you don't do anything about it? Can you do something about it and if so, what? What would you expect from other people if you yourself were in the position of the victim? These are questions that each individual has to ask himself, because you only know whether you are allowed to!

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Written by Marco Klotz

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