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World Bee Day on May 20th: Looking for the most beautiful flowering areas

Wildflowers not only look great - every square meter of flowering area is also a valuable piece of the mosaic in the biotope network. The Naturschutzbund now distinguishes these valuable areas with weatherproof flower meadow boards. In addition to the commitment to bees and flowers, they also point out the value of this variety of flowers.

Flower meadow boards for colorful areas - apply now

For World Bee Day on May 20, the Naturschutzbund invites landowners and farmers to show off their flower paradises in the coming summer months on We are looking for natural, colorful areas on which at least five native flower species bloom and which are cultivated extensively, i.e. without poison and artificial fertilizers. When it blooms in many ways and blooms all summer long, the table is best set for honey and wild bees, butterflies, hoverflies and beetles. As a thank you and award there are weatherproof flower meadow boards - while stocks last - which indicate the active commitment to bees and flowers.

Together, square meters can be made for diversity

Species-rich flower meadows, colorful fields, blooming roadsides - a near-natural cultural landscape is not only a habitat for a multitude of insects, it also provides food for these important pollinators. People also benefit from the diverse natural oases that increase the quality of life.

Colorful flower meadows, as many people know from childhood, are not a matter of course, but the result of careful and sustainable land management. Up to 100 different plant species can be found in the mostly nutrient-poor biotopes. Blossom-rich fallow land is also irreplaceable habitat, especially if it is perennial. What may look like wild growth at first glance is often a true paradise for wild bees & Co.

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