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Why is there a giant pig in Canary Wharf? – The story of SOW | Greenpeace Great Britain


Why is there a huge pig on Canary Wharf? – The Story of SOW

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There's a #BigPig in Canary Wharf - in Hackney - in Liverpool and more!
British banks, supermarkets and the government are driving deforestation and nature destruction. That's why these pigs are here to highlight the UK's industrial pork supply chain and how it hides in plain sight.
SOW AR is a new augmented reality app by artist Naho Matsuda and the collective A Drift of Us, developed as part of the Greenpeace Bad Taste project.
The app was created by Luigi Honorat.
Further information about the SOW project can be found at:

The SOW AR app is available for IOS and Android.
Soundtrack for this film, produced by Jun Bae.
Film animation graphics by Florence van Bergen.
Film produced and edited by Isabelle Povey.
Filmed by Jack Taylor Gotch and Dominic Joyce.


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