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Why I am involved with Parents for Future

A small but committed minority can change the world!

Man-made global warming is bringing the world closer and closer to the abyss. On the other hand, we are currently experiencing an enormous dynamic. We are at the beginning of a turning point. We are heading towards massive societal changes and social tipping points.

The social tipping points can bring about fundamental change, bringing about new technologies, changed patterns of behavior and new social norms. Such changes build slowly, are supported by more and more people and are therefore increasingly accelerated. 

A small but dedicated minority that succeeds in changing the attitude of the majority can trigger these tipping points. When a critical mass of people are convinced, a small trigger is enough to set in motion a powerful dynamic that will ultimately transform large swathes of society.

We have the necessary knowledge, the appropriate technologies and the necessary economic instruments to limit climate change. What we need now is one thing above all: the firm conviction that a better and fairer world is possible.

This is how climate change could succeed.

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Written by Klaus Jaeger

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