Wet food vs. dried animal food

In this topic, the opinions of the animal friends diverge. Option asked three experts:

Silvia Urch, veterinarian and nutrition expert: "Wet food is usually the better choice. Dry food is heavily denatured and has a very low moisture content, so it drains a lot of water from the animal's body. This can lead to kidney problems, especially in cats that drink very little due to evolutionary factors. For technological reasons, dry food must contain a minimum amount of carbohydrates and thus mostly cereals, which very often has a negative effect on the meat content and can also cause allergies. "

Christian Niedermeier, manufacturer of organic animal feed: "Dried fodder is produced by extreme heat in an extruder process and at the end of production it is a dried up piece of grain with some meat, which is then sprayed together with many additives to produce at least a basic supply of vitamins and trace elements. As long as this procedure is not improved, the wet food should be preferred. "

Christine Iben, Vet-Med Vienna: "For cats, I recommend wet food. Dry food should only be given as a treat or in exceptional cases. Since dogs drink far more water than cats, dry food is even more suitable for them. "

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Written by Ursula Wastl

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