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AK's unfortunate result: only a few batteries can be replaced

The Chamber of Labor (AK) has tested batteries from 119 common devices, such as bluetooth speakers, tablets & co. The result: The battery is permanently installed in 79 percent of the devices, only 21 percent of the batteries can be replaced by yourself.

AK consumer advocate Daniela Zimmer sums it up: “An unpleasant result in terms of sustainability. Permanently installed batteries can - if at all - only be replaced by specialist companies. The effort involved is often high or bears no relation to the price. Consumers think twice about that and the devices end up in the garbage. ”Some of the tested devices with rechargeable batteries, which even specialist companies cannot access, are purely disposable products and thus a“ no-go ”from an environmental protection perspective. 

The AK advises consumers to ask themselves the battery question when buying. The AK test shows: “The exchange costs for permanently installed batteries can amount to 60 percent of the new price (Bluetooth loudspeakers). With cheaper razors / hair clippers for 50 euros, battery replacement costs of 15 euros are no small matter, but still better than around 100 euros without any exchange option.

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

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Written by Karin Bornett

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