Wall draining Progal

Wall draining Progal
Wall draining Progal

Our solution is the only active solution for drying damp masonry.

What role does sustainability play at Progal?

No excessive power consumption to dry the damp masonry! 
Our solution is the only active solution for drying damp masonry. While other systems require vast amounts of KwH and thus thousands of euros due to the system for drying the masonry with heating cartridges, our system continuously dries out the walls - and that in a manageable time frame.

No aggressive chemistry in the masonry!
In contrast to other systems mentioned in the ÖNORM, we do not use any aggressive chemicals in order to achieve a functioning barrier against rising damp. This also ensures that no harmful vapors from the injected material occur in sensitive rooms (children's rooms, bedrooms).

Reversible solution!
Should there ever be an even better and more environmentally friendly process in the future, the entire Drymat drainage system can be completely removed again with little effort. Chemistry and physical barriers, on the other hand, remain permanently in the property.

To what extent is the electrophysical process sustainable (with regard to the individual building as well as with regard to the environment and society)?
We have managed to reduce the energy consumption for drying masonry to a minimum - in the course of model calculations over a period of 10 years by a factor of 40!

We are a competent partner for all questions about rising damp in masonry. The best service at the best price!

Cornerstone of the company's history

The Progal company was founded in 2012 with the aim of ensuring a sensible, simple, modern and resource-saving drainage of damp masonry. Through intensive contacts to the manufacturer of the leading electrophysical wall drying system, the Drymat company in Saxony, we were able to accompany and influence many milestones in relation to the electrophysical method for subsequent drying of damp masonry. In 2015, a representative of the Progal company was accepted as an expert to work on the ASI committee, which sets the standards of ÖNORM specifies.

Together with our partner Drymat, in the course of various expert discussions, the possibility was developed to adopt and integrate the most modern KKS methods (cathodic corrosion protection) into the system. Since 2018, we have been able to offer sustainable solutions for draining damp masonry without media discontinuity. In cooperation with independent experts, universities and research laboratories, we are constantly striving to improve the benefits for our customers.


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