Variotherm heating systems - surface heating and surface cooling

Variotherm heating systems
Variotherm heating systems
Variotherm heating systems

We make rooms comfortable

Variotherm heating systems bring cozy warmth as well as pleasant and healthy coolness into the rooms. You can't see it, but you can feel it: the surface heating and cooling for floors, walls and ceilings. Whether renovation or new construction - the Variotherm product solutions for dry and solid structures adapt to every structural situation.

Our systems work at low temperatures, thus protecting the environment and reducing energy costs. Sustainability is important to us: When manufacturing our products, we attach great importance to the use of natural materials and regional added value.

42 years of comfort

The foundation stone for the Variotherm success story was laid in November 1979 - since then the family company has been ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.

The service portfolio includes individual solutions for solid and dry constructions as well as glass surfaces in seven different product categories. Variotherm is always one step ahead and an innovation leader in wall heating, underfloor heating for drywall construction and gentle renovation, as well as in silent cooling above walls and ceilings.

The introduction of our ModulWand in prefabricated and drywall construction in the 1990s was an absolute world first. Another big success came in the new millennium with the development of the super slim VarioKomp 20mm underfloor heating in dry construction.
Alexander Watzek, Managing Director of Variotherm: “For a long time cooling was not an issue. Although it has always been theoretically possible with our products ”. But due to the ever hotter summer, this has become more and more important for several years. And so we developed the cooling ceiling as early as 2002, which rounds off our product range. "
In 2013 and 2018 an extensive expansion of the location took place: new warehouse and production halls, 650 m² extension for new offices, a consulting and training center including a demonstration room, an area for research and development and a VarioCafé.

An essential step was the further development and massive expansion of the production facilities for the classic product "VarioKomp" (20 mm underfloor heating in dry construction), which was put into operation in 2015. The certified Austrian model company is thus equipped for the expected domestic and international orders. The export share is currently 60%.

Our range of services

Surface heating and cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings:

VarioKomp - the 20 mm underfloor heating in dry construction
Ideal for new builds or renovations: the VarioKomp underfloor heating is 20 mm thin and can be installed quickly and easily afterwards.

Underfloor heating for wet screeds
The water-guided underfloor heating for wet screed is installed invisibly in the floor and distributes the heat over the entire floor.

ModulWand - wall heating and cooling in dry construction
The module wall heating and cooling can be installed on walls and in sloping ceilings. In summer, the wall comfortably cools the rooms.

Wall heating & cooling for plastered expansion
In the plastered extension, the wall heating and cooling adapts to all design requirements: small and large areas can be used efficiently. In summer it keeps the rooms comfortable and healthy.

ModulDecke - the ceiling cooling and heating in drywall
A water-based surface cooling cools the rooms comfortably, quietly and without drafts. In winter, the modular ceiling heats the rooms comfortably warm. Also available with a sound-absorbing acoustic surface.

Heating strips
Heating strips form a warm air curtain along the walls. As a result, the wall becomes a source of heat and heats the room using radiant heat. The cold from outside is shielded.

Floor duct heating
Floor duct heating is sunk into the floor and is flush with the floor covering. They are installed directly in front of large glass surfaces. A veil of warm air forms along the cold glass surface - the cold stays outside, the room comfortably warm.

We are proud of that

Variotherm and its products have been awarded a wide range of quality marks. This gives you the security of buying energy-efficient products of high quality and ecology.

Austria quality mark - The Variotherm heaters have been awarded the ÖQA seal of approval by Quality Austria for their high quality standard.

IBO certification mark - The Variotherm System wall heating / cooling has been continuously tested and awarded by the Austrian Institute for Building Biology (IBO) since 1996. This means that this product complies with the strict building biology and building ecology requirements. Since 2020 the Variotherm EasyFlex wall heating / cooling Awarded the IBO seal of approval.

IBR seal of approval - The Variotherm ModulPlatte for Wall and blanket and the VarioKomp underfloor heating carry the IBR seal of approval from the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim. This institute tests products with regard to their health effects on humans and their safety in terms of building biology.

Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research - The Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Security Research in Linz has examined and tested the Variotherm ModulPlatten-Classic for its fire resistance. The test result determines that the 18 mm Variotherm ModulPlatten-Classic in the fire protection structure (e.g. wall, ceiling) can replace a 12mm Fermacell plate.

IMA Dresden - IMA material research and application technology GmbH in Dresden has positively tested the Variotherm aluminum multilayer composite pipes with the compression fittings and press fittings as a system in accordance with EN ISO 21003.

CE marking - Variotherm products with CE mark: eco-heating plaster, compact filler, impact sound insulation board VarioNop 30, impact sound insulation boards VarioRoll 20-2 and VarioRoll 30-3, pump blocks of the pump distribution station and pump micro station, electrical devices such as the WHR36 weather-compensated controller, actuators and room thermostats, insulating hose.

TÜV Rheinland - The Variotherm modular ceiling acoustics have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland for their sound-absorbing properties.

MFPA Leipzig - The MFPA Leipzig, the society for material research, has the impact sound insulation of the Variotherm products "XPS-Platte 10-200" and "VarioNop11" checked and certified.

Photos: Variotherm heating systems | Martin Fulop


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