SONNENTOR: Welcome to the world of those who do things differently


"We bring enjoyment, health and a clear conscience into every home," emphasizes Johannes Gutmann and adds: "A good mood for drinking and eating, it works!"

SONNENTOR has been inspiring with herbs and spices from 1988 percent organic farming since 100. It all began with the idea of ​​Johannes Gutmann and three organic farmers from Waldviertel. Even then, the hobby horses were high-quality herbal teas with large leaves and flowers, which are carefully packed by hand. Since then, the colorful range has grown to over 900 organic products. It ranges from fragrant teas and spices to aromatic coffee and essential oils.

Regional partnerships worldwide

It makes sense that such a success story needs a lot of hardworking hands. That is why the one-man company became a company with more than 500 employees. And around 1.000 organic farmers from three families of origin who let the sun shine all over the world. Not every herb can cope with the harsh climate in the Waldviertel. That is why SONNENTOR maintains personal partnerships all over the world. Whether in Tanzania, Albania, Germany or Austria: our understanding of mutual recognition, appreciation and circular thinking is transnational.

We grow sustainably

SONNENTOR shows - sustainable management works. The organic pioneer focuses on circular economy and the common good. Renewable energies and renewable raw materials are simply a part of this. 92 percent of the packaging can now be returned to a raw material cycle. A pioneering spirit, growth and sustainability go hand in hand.

Look behind the SONNENTOR

SONNENTOR is constantly evolving, but some things are good as they are. Like the company location in the heart of the Waldviertel, which is now a popular excursion destination. Thousands of people take a look behind the SONNENTOR every year. Guided tours through the production show how teas and spices are made. The organic restaurant Leibspeis', sustainable overnight accommodation and a permaculture organic farm complete the experience for the senses. Welcome to the world of herbs, traditions and those who do different!


Written by Option

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