ÖGNB - Austrian Society for Sustainable Building


The ÖGNB sees itself as a roof for those companies, institutions and also individuals who are interested in a higher qualification of the Austrian construction industry in terms of sustainable building. From our point of view, too little attention is paid to energy efficiency and climate protection, so the climate protection goals for the building sector will not be achievable. This shows more and more clearly that sustainable construction does not cost more money than conventional houses; you only have to consider the appropriate quality criteria in good time. The principle of sustainability is inextricably linked to the evaluation systems of the ÖGNB. Accordingly, the three sustainability pillars focus on the environment, social affairs and the economy in addition to the technical quality of the objects and quality assurance in the design, planning, construction, completion and operation. These aspects have been translated into specialist terminology and translated into 50 quality criteria in assessment categories commonly used in building construction: location and equipment, cost-effectiveness, energy and supply, health and comfort, resource
efficiency. The five evaluation categories are equally included in the evaluation; new buildings are assessed using the same criteria as existing buildings or refurbishments. The system is completely transparent, consumers can see all criteria online. If sustainability is already taken into account in the design, this important and high quality can be realized virtually cost-neutral. Incidentally, the online tools are available free of charge, their use is not affiliated to any membership. In total since 1998 existed, 500 projects have been widely recorded, of which 154 was currently audited by third-party auditors with the current version, which is the basic prerequisite for the awarding of the ÖGNB quality seal. All buildings of Seestadt Aspern are continuously maintained and quality-assured with a building tool specially provided by the ÖGNB.

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