Schau auf di - hand-stirred BIOkosmetik

Schau auf di
Schau auf di
Schau auf di

Inspired by nature - SCHAU AUF DI - BIO cosmetics
handmade in Austria

In the middle of the Waldviertel we produce, Michael Friedl and Christopher Robl, hand-stirred, certified organic cosmetics of the highest quality.

All SCHAU AUF DI Products consist of 100 percent natural ingredients. Be it nourishing marigold oil, fragrant lavender oil or moisturizing shea butter, a lot of time goes into the selection of the raw materials for organic cosmetics in order to find the right growing areas and people who share our values ​​and who, like us, fully support their products. Here in the Waldviertel we have found what we are looking for and rely largely on the power of local plants and herbs.
To ensure the highest quality, only small batches are produced by hand in our factory.

In these products, we can incorporate values ​​that surround us in nature: peace, reflection, time out and moments of happiness.



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