"I've had problems with meat for a long time and wanted to create a product that would bring meat eaters to new ideas"
Hermann Neuburger

HERMANN is the answer for all meat lovers who don't always want to eat meat: After years of research and development work by Hermann and Thomas Neuburger became the vegetarian product line HERMANN brought on the market. The products are produced in Ulrichsberg (Upper Austria) on the basis of the organic herbal side dish and do without any additives or flavor enhancers. In addition to the Kräuterseitlingen products consist only of organic rice, organic eggs, organic oil and spices.

"We produce high-quality meat alternatives from herb sides, without losing the taste of meat"
Hermann Neuburger

HERMANN is the attractive invitation to look forward to meat-free days - in the form of sausages, roast strips, gyros and cheese bratwurst.

Photo / Video: Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH.


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