DRAPAL GmbH - Family tradition since 1948


When DRAPAL 1948 began devoting itself to the precious power of nature to make it accessible to humans in a simple and direct way, healthy nutrition and "bio" were completely unknown. No one had ever heard of detox, clean eating or superfood. Nevertheless, the products of DRAPAL were on everyone's lips. We could say now: they were already a trend, before there was one. But we have no illusions: DRAPAL was never "in". That does not bother us. On the contrary! We think that's very good. That's why DRAPAL will never be out.

Today DRAPAL is an independent family business with 20 employees, the third generation since 2005 is led by Marcus Drapal and Austria's largest plant juice manufacturer.

What do we stand for?

Trends are short-lived; hype evaporates as quickly as it came. However, true quality remains.
Our products are pure because nothing gets in there. Except nature. Because while nowadays a lot of energy is invested in various refinement processes that are supposed to make a product even better, more intense, even more tasty, we see things a little differently with refinement.
How to preserve the original purity - and add nothing.
Because nature does not need it: it is the noblest there is.

Which values ​​are particularly important to us?

Superfood is not an invention of humans, nature has always been superfood. We will not sell you our pure plant juices - contrary to the hype - as a smoothie. We have no super cool hashtag, no lifestyle app and no sunglasses selfie postings. But we have the basic knowledge about the healing power of herbs. And that has been on the pulse of time for centuries.

Since when is our company?

Since 1948 (Founding of Wilhelm A. Drapal)


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