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Ultrabio and super caring - these are the shampoos, hair waxes and co. From Kastenbein & Bosch. All of our products are inspired by everyday hairdressing and the unique power of nature. That is why we make sure to use only organically certified ingredients and at the same time avoid glycerine, silicone, and synthetic preservatives and fragrances. On the one hand, this means that your hair is cared for particularly gently and effectively. On the other hand, our avoidance of microplastics ensures that the groundwater is no longer polluted and nature is protected. So what's good for you is also good for the environment.

Kastenbein & Bosch is therefore a certified natural cosmetics brand that has been around for around ten years. It all started in a small Cologne hairdressing salon on Zülpicher Straße, which the two master hairdressers and best friends Roger Kastenbein and Stefan Bosch - namesake and creative minds behind Kastenbein & Bosch - founded in 2004. As a result of many years of experience in their profession and inspired by everyday work, they were soon looking for alternatives to conventional hairdressing supplies that were more gentle on the skin and hair. In this context, the first of our natural organic Kastenbein & Bosch products was created; a hair wax based on white healing clay and high quality essential oils.

In view of the requirements within a professional hairdressing business, the range of Kastenbein & Bosch has grown steadily: In addition to various styling products, it now includes an exclusive selection of nourishing shampoos based on chia. Furthermore, a high-quality hair oil and a nourishing care spray have been added in recent years, which provide long or dry hair with the perfect amount of moisture.

As different as our skin, beard and hair products may be, our Kastenbein & Bosch promise applies to all of them: We deliver natural, organic hair care in premium quality, in which every ingredient and its origin are carefully checked and selected. Thus, with the best of knowledge and belief, we can guarantee you an average organic share of 97 percent in all of our products. True to the motto: Because the best of nature is also the best for you.

In addition, we at Kastenbein & Bosch try to completely avoid animal products - our range is therefore almost completely vegan. We only use beeswax for our styling cream and pomade for the perfect styling experience. In addition, our entire range of shampoos and Co. is handcrafted. Our producer is a small family business in Austria, so everything from hair wax to beard oil can sniff a bit of Tyrolean mountain air before it ends up in your mailbox or shopping cart. In addition to sustainability and organic quality, fair working conditions far away from conventional mass production are important to us.

Overall, Kastenbein & Bosch stands on the one hand for certified natural cosmetics based on the expertise from real hairdressing everyday life, but on the other hand also for a new "hair awareness" that includes nature. With the use of high-quality, organic ingredients and the avoidance of silicones and microplastics, we not only ensure that the unique fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling can also conquer your bathroom, but also that our environment is protected and our future is protected becomes.

Zülpicher Straße, North Rhine-Westphalia 50674 Cologne


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