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Saint-Gobain ISOVER Austria is the insulation specialist with the greatest variety of products for holistic construction solutions. The ISOVER systems are perfectly coordinated components. Efficient thermal insulation against cold or heat, noise and fire protection, ideal living comfort, convincing environmental compatibility and sustainability - that's what ISOVER Austria stands for.

The customer-oriented product portfolio and many years of industry expertise help ensure that ISOVER products in the areas of "building construction" and "technical insulation" offer a solution for every application. On the one hand, they meet the high demands for modern living comfort and are also above the legal requirements.
In “Technical Insulation”, ISOVER offers high-performance insulation materials for the strict requirements and sometimes very specific requirements of the industry. The products - together with the Kaimann range - also cover the entire range of temperatures.
ISOVER is part of the global Saint-Gobain Group in France. The sister companies also sell the ISOVER range in 39 other countries. The company currently employs around 60 people at its administrative and logistics location in Stockerau. The insulation systems are sold through specialized dealers and hardware stores.

Help shape the future of insulation

ISOVER Austria's culture of innovation has remained unchanged since the company was founded in 1946 under the company founder Franz Haider and forms the foundation for today's leading position in the insulation market in Austria. The company's history is shaped by numerous product innovations, which have repeatedly set standards in terms of insulation performance, processing safety and environmental compatibility. The high-performance material ULTIMATE and the Vario® series are just two examples among many.

In order to continue to advance the industry with innovations and to actively shape the future of construction, the specialist relies not only on its own expertise, but also on cooperations with visionary partners. For example, concepts are created for the implementation of which ISOVER works hand in hand with Rigips and Weber Terranova. This gives builders holistic, financially attractive solutions for maximum living comfort.

Sustainable from raw material to insulating material

ISOVER's environmental efforts and energy management are certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. The insulation materials are made from recycled materials and mineral raw materials from Germany and Europe using environmentally friendly processes. For example, glass wool consists of 95 percent mineral raw materials and recycling materials such as waste glass. This makes the mineral wool particularly ecological. Mineral wool also has a good climate and energy balance and is also suitable for recycling.


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