Wolkenlos Kosmetik

Wolkenlos Kosmetik
Wolkenlos Kosmetik
Wolkenlos Kosmetik
Wolkenlos Kosmetik
Wolkenlos Kosmetik

As a mother of three and an independent cosmetics manufacturer, I almost exclusively convert regional organic natural raw materials into cosmetics. The range of products manufactured under the “Cloudless” brand ranges from firm hair shampoos to shower butter and cold-stirred soaps to body lotion or deodorant creams. "I am currently producing 50 to 60 products - with the firm hair shampoos and deodorants in greatest demand."

Interest aroused in 2009

I started producing and developing natural cosmetics years ago. “When my first son, who was struggling with very sensitive skin, was born in 2009, a friend recommended that I try almond or olive oil. After a few days, his complexion improved many times over - and my interest in the effects of vegetable, native oils was aroused ”.

"Learned more and more"

I started to read the topic and to make shampoo soaps, ointments and creams myself. “After several failed attempts and disappointed expectations, I learned more and more. I still remember my first homemade cream or shampoo soap and the enthusiasm in me with how few ingredients you can create a wonderful recipe that consists entirely of natural raw materials. ”

Job resigned

After attending several courses and seminars, the decision had been made to quit the long-term job as an office worker and to start training as a cosmetics manufacturer in Vienna. "I successfully completed this in 2017 and developed my own recipes to suit every skin type."

Products without harmful substances

I manufacture all of my products without paraffins or other harmful substances such as silicones. "My cosmetics also do not require microplastics. In times of climate change, there is a lot you can do in the cosmetics sector to avoid plastic. The packaging of my products is also virtually free of plastic ”.

Strictly according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation

Furthermore, my products undergo tests by independent institutes that strictly comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation. A tedious route, which, according to the natural beautician, is worthwhile: “It is important that product safety is guaranteed for the end consumer. With the registered number of a product you can query all ingredients in case of compatibility problems.

2020 plans

For 2020, in addition to workshops for children and adults and participation in markets outside the region, I am also planning new products - in this case for babies and toddlers: "I already have a recipe for a wind and weather ointment and for a popo balm in Head. It will be very nice and my little daughter is the best test object ”.



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