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Revealed: EU-Mercosur agreement remains extremely dangerous | attack

The EU is currently trying to push through the EU-Mercosur agreement with all means. As in the past with TTIP and CETA, a toothless package insert (“additional agreement”) is intended to bring EU governments into line.

But today leaked documents prove that this package leaflet for the EU-Mercosur Pact in no way contributes to protecting the environment, climate and human rights. There is a huge gap between what the EU supports behind closed doors and its official climate goals and human rights commitments.

It is not possible to meet the climate targets in this way

The proposed leaflet contains no enforcement options, for example on the subject of climate protection. With regard to emission reductions, it is proposed that the countries should be guided by their national contributions determined in 2019. In Brazil, for example, emissions have risen sharply in the last 3 years. The deal would add more emissions from the expansion of industrial agriculture, transportation and deforestation.

In addition, there is lip service to the topic of deforestation: neither Europe nor the Mercosur countries are currently sticking to their forest protection goals. The leaflet does not provide mechanisms to effectively enforce this. The 1,5 degree limit is thus becoming increasingly distant.

Without transparency and democratic participation

Neither European nor national parliamentarians currently have official access to this text, although it is crucial for the future of the EU-Mercosur agreement. And it would still be secret without the leak, because the European Commission refuses to publish it.

The text also claims that civil society is an important player in the negotiations and that their democratic participation is valued. But as with many agreements before it, the public only has the opportunity to learn about the content through leaks. At the same time, the wishes of lobbyists from the climate-damaging automotive and agricultural industries were taken into account.

The leaked leaflet shows that none of the criticisms from Attac and other organizations are taken seriously. The agreement remains a frontal attack on climate protection, biodiversity and human rights.

Theresa Kofler from the platform Anders Handel / Attac Austria: “The EU-Mercosur agreement prevents the urgently needed mobility, agricultural and energy transition in Europe and the Mercosur countries. We as civil society in Europe and the Mercosur countries call for an immediate halt to this agreement.”

International alliances against EU-Mercosur pact

The platform Anders Demokratie was initiated by Attac, GLOBAL 2000, Südwind, the trade unions PRO-GE, vida and younion _ Die Daseinsgewerkschaft, the Catholic workers' movement and the ÖBV-Via Campesina Austria and is supported by around 50 other organizations.

In any case, the Austrian government must continue to adhere unconditionally to its no to the agreement!

Photo / Video: attac.

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