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    Option is a public-interest one-person company with a civic mission, without greed or investor.

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What is option.news

option.news is an idealistic “social media platform” on sustainability and civil society that is being built up globally step by step. Everyone can register here and post articles for a better future.

What does option.news want

According to the motto “create a better future”, option.news aims to contribute to this by providing information on sustainability and civil society from and for interested people. option.news also wants to motivate to deal with these subject areas. We are committed to a sustainable future, conscious consumption, further development of democracy and many other positive impulses.

What can option.news do?

option.news ...

  • is automatically translated into almost all languages ​​in the world and is therefore available to anyone in their native language.
  • offers positive & constructive-critical news from almost every country in the world
  • serves the broad dissemination of these positive impulses and arguments worldwide, and not only with like-minded people!
  • is a positive global community with committed people & conscious consumers
  • is completely free, open to everyone and an open system that does not require logging in to read
  • is geared exclusively to self-financing, without greed and a one-person company without any investor
  • offers a sustainable shopping guide with many discounts and recognitions
  • provides a directory of ethical, sustainable, trusted businesses

How many people can I reach with one post - compared to Facebook & Co?

option.news is designed to reach many people in the long term, not just for a short time as with social networks. Our view numbers also indicate actual visits. Facebook already counts when the post is displayed briefly.

Here's an example:
We have the contribution What are SGD? also shared on Facebook: There he was seen by around 200 people with over 2.000 subscribers. He has now reached over 23.000 people on option.news.

I want to support option.news

Private persons can us support...

  • with any one-off amount. Please send a short mail to editorial [AT] dieoption.at
  • familiar with the Order a subscription of the German-language option magazine
  • with the order of Option merchandising.
  • With a one-time payment of 99 euros - the option print magazine is available forever!
  • with word of mouth and dissemination in social media!
  • by using option.news as an active member

Sustainable companies can support us ...

  • with any one-off amount. Please send a short mail to editorial [AT] dieoption.at
  • by the Join "Network Option" as a sponsoring member - for an annual fee of just 350 euros. This includes some goodies, including a credit for advertising in the same amount.
  • by advertising with Option Medien.

Why should I post on option?

In short: because it makes sense. option.news wants to fill the Internet with positive, constructive content. In contrast to classic, closed “social media platforms”, Option is a platform that is openly accessible without registration and whose contributions are also indexed by search engines. You will not only reach your followers but potentially the whole world. Makes sense, doesn't it?

How is that with the points system?

In this way we want to motivate active participation and invite people to deal with our positive topics. For many activities as a registered member you get points. These can be used in the shop against discount codes and even for community recognition from sustainable products.

What am I allowed to post?

Basically there are no limits as long as you follow some basic rules. All contributions are currently activated manually:

  • Of course, constructive criticism is permitted
  • No negativity, no discrimination, no insults
  • No direct advertising, but recommendations always have space
  • No party politics
  • No spam

Posts can be something:

  • Meaningful innovations, ideas and opinions
  • current civil society events in your country
  • general suggestions on how something could work better
  • ...

Who is behind option.news?

Option was already founded 2014, and further developed as a social media platform under option.news 2019, by Austrian journalist Helmut Melzer (see statement) or by Option Medien, the one-person company of Helmut Melzer. option.news is a further development of an original purely Austrian Internet platform. Here you can to inform about the current development.

You are a company?

Exactly, we are not an NGO or NPO - we are something really new. For companies like us there is still no drawer. We see ourselves as a common good-oriented company with a civil society mandate - without primary profit interests.

After years of working on the issues of sustainability and civil society, we are convinced that the private sector is the only way forward for us: in the service of civil society, full independence can only be achieved without public support and dependence. We work exclusively with ethical, sustainable, like-minded companies and want to act without donations.

Financially we are not primarily profit-oriented, but of course we have bills and expenses to pay. And you have to eat too ...

That makes us:

+ We stand for positive developments for our society
and spread these globally
+ We are not primarily profit-oriented, but well-oriented
+ We are completely independent among other things from public subsidies, government agencies and the traditional economy.
+ We have free decision-making power over our goals and initiatives
+ We are realistic idealists and trusted partners
+ We have no party political interests

How is option.news financed?

option.news, the print magazine Option, are funded entirely through subscribers and advertising from like-minded, ethical, sustainable companies. This is really not easy and in fact we only barely manage the cost recovery. Nevertheless, we are still extremely enthusiastic about option and see it as having enormous social benefits. With the new opportunity for sustainable companies to become a sponsoring member, we try to escape this constant struggle for existence a little.

You deserve money with advertising!

Yes, on option.news there is advertising, but only from sustainable companies. In order to be able to act professionally and to remain technically halfway at the latest level, financial means are necessary. We do without donations and state subsidies.

Our current annual budget - for online and print media - currently amounts to over 70.000 euros, which can be financed to cover costs thanks to the support of sustainable companies.

The translations are not very good

option.news is automatically translated into almost all languages ​​via a very modern tool. This works in principle already great, because in recent years tremendous progress has been made here. However, there may already be difficulties, such as when a phrase is used, which are not common in all languages, or nested sentences. Our main focus is on the basic understanding, ie: It should at least be made possible that the meaning and core of a contribution is also understood in the translation. The quality of translations will certainly increase.