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Already hugged a tree today? The international #DayOfForests on March 21 makes…

🌳 Hugged a tree today? The international #TagDesWaldes on March 21 draws attention to the worldwide destruction of forests - and has probably never been so relevant. Forests continue to be cut down. Since 1990 alone, around 420 million hectares of forest have been lost through conversion to other usable areas.

🤓 But there is also good news! FAIRTRADE is committed to climate fairness and the preservation of forests along its supply chains - with education, advice, financial aid and lots of support for smallholder families. Thousands of trees are also being planted in Africa, Asia and Latin America - these reforestation projects are implemented by local FAIRTRADE-certified cooperatives.

🙌 Through pressure from FAIRTRADE and other stakeholders, the EU committed in the Deforestation Regulation to pay special attention to the needs of local communities and small farmers and also to ensure their full participation in the process.

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Written by Fairtrade Austria

FAIRTRADE Austria has been promoting fair trade with farming families and employees on plantations in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1993. He awards the FAIRTRADE seal in Austria.

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