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The Ibiza video and the minutes of the committee of inquiry

Ibiza video

If you don't know it yet, or as a reminder - here the (cut) Ibiza video, published by Falter with comments by Floria Klenk (here is the related reporting):

The secret Strache videos: what it's about

What Heinz-Christian Strache promises a rich oligarch niece and what he expected from her during the election campaign. Read everything about the secret scand ...

Here is the link to the video with comments from the mirror. Unfortunately not directly divisible:

Heinz-Christian Strache: secret videos weigh on FPÖ boss - DER SPIEGEL - politics

The article: "Secret videos weigh on FPÖ boss Strache - is Austria's Vice Chancellor for sale?" From SPIEGEL on May 17, 2019 won the reporter award in Berlin on Monday evening. On the occasion of the award, we republished the previous announcement and the detailed text. For a limited time, this SPIEGEL + text can also be read without a four-week free trial subscription.

A year has passed, Strache is running again in Vienna, and that's what the politicians questioned in the investigative committee said (officially: concerning the investigative committee presumed buyability of the turquoise-blue federal government (Ibiza committee of inquiry) around the scandal Ibiza video.

As usual, the latter are published so hidden that they can hardly be found using a web search. Surprisingly, the link in the press release does not work either. This one right link (can obviously change?).

Here are the previous logs for download:

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