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The differences between liberals and conservatives


The USA is an ambivalent country. There are two main ideologies, liberal and conservative, but what separates them and why are you a liberal or a conservative person? You will find out if you read on.

Liberals and conservatives initially have different styles of thinking. In a liberal's brain, the anterior cingulate cortex is well developed. This part of your brain is responsible for understanding and monitoring conflict. This is why liberals are more social than conservative and have a larger amygdola in the brain. Because of the amygdola, they are more structured and can process anxiety and fear more quickly. This is a crucial difference that we should be aware of.

Because of the structural difference in the brain, these two sides use completely opposite language and arguments. When you speak to a liberal, they will address their core notions of equality and feel connected to your arguments. A conservative person, on the other hand, strongly prefers to focus on facts and structures. Get to the point with them and use clear and precise language, otherwise they will not hang on your lips. So understand who you are talking to and be careful about your words.

After all, there are certain things that cause people to become liberal or conservative. The most important of these influences comes from someone's environment: family, work, or friends, because they surround you all the time, help you make decisions, and are always there for you. Your personal experiences are also crucial, because whatever you go through shapes your brain and contributes to changes in the way you think. That's why people are different depending on how they grew up.

Whether a person is more liberal or conservative depends on how developed the parts of their brain are. This is also influenced by a person's surroundings. Therefore, people think differently about the same content and understand things in different ways.

I hope this post helps you understand the differences between liberals and conservatives. If you have any other questions, please comment on them and let me know if you are more of a liberal or a conservative person.

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