The best natural skin care cosmetics

The best natural skin care cosmetics

Natural cosmetic products are products made of natural vegetable and mineral raw materials. Natural cosmetics Skin care therefore dispenses with synthetic dyes, ethoxylated Raw materials, silicones, paraffins and other petroleum products, as well as synthetic fragrances. The ingredients of natural cosmetics skin care are purely biological and very diverse. They range from algae extracts to birch bark and marigold blossoms. The natural cosmetics skin care products do not match their conventional counterparts in their fragrance or their effect. Often, natural cosmetics are also vegan and produced without animal testing. When purchasing your natural skin care cosmetics always pay attention to the labeling Natural cosmetics labels.

Which natural cosmetics skin care can you recommend? Here you can rate the best natural cosmetic skin care products and also enter your own recommendations.

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#2 Alverde wash gel Aqua Seaweed

First aid for sunburn

Cooling, moisturizing, non-sticky gel with aloe vera juice and agave extract. Due to the anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe Vera it is particularly suitable for calming the skin after mild sunburns. Quality seal NaTrue and vegan flower.

At dm around 3,75 Euro

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#3 Master Lin moisturizing serum

Pure gold

The "Gold & Pearl Face Serum" by Master Lin - made according to a TCM recipe with high-quality ingredients: energizing and anti-inflammatory fine gold combined with antiseptic pearl, moisturizing Damascus rose, soothing witch hazel ... - is a real energy drink for you tired and stressed skin. It is a light fluid that is immediately absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. The refreshing, relaxing and "clean" feeling after application convinced both testers in the editorial team with dry skin and those with combination skin. An Austrian, certified natural cosmetic product that in our opinion is worth the price.

At How To Drugstore Around 58,90 Euro

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#4 Sanoll summer lotion 5

Not for frying!

With the summer lotion no. 5 Sanoll has developed a body care especially for the summer months. It has no classic sun protection factor and is therefore not suitable for extended sunbathing, but is due to the natural sun protection factor ideal for sunny days outdoors. Also used as an after-sun lotion, it is a pleasantly cooling summer care. Certified natural cosmetics from Austria, without emulsifiers. Top!

At Marie's Naturdrogerie Stockerau around 21,90 Euro

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#5 Hand soap sensitive by Sonett

In search of a soap for sensitive skin that does not dry out, I found the hand soap sensitively. Initially, I was skeptical of whether the hands would smell pleasant after cleaning, because it does not require fragrance. But far from it! Since then my absolute favorite product, an all-rounder, which is also suitable for showering, even with frequent use, the skin does not dry out (at least mine), super ingredients, also available in the 10l bottle ... I'm thrilled!

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#7 Weleda pomegranate regeneration oil

Such a grenade

The pomegranate oil from Weleda revives the skin cells by its antioxidant and regenerative character: the skin is naturally tightened and smoothed. Above all, the high content of polyphenols is responsible for this. They act excellently as scavengers of free radicals that accelerate the skin and cell aging. We are not really fans of oils, but this can be spread well, absorbs quickly, smells pleasant and leaves no annoying greasy film. In larger quantities, it is also suitable as a massage oil. We recommend it especially for dry, mature skin.

At dm around 17,95 Euro.

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#8 Evolution Bio Hyaluron Anti-Aging Face Care


Bio-Cosmetics by Evolution is a natural anti-aging care with selected active ingredients of aloe vera, roses, daisies, rosemary etc. and the use of three different hyaluronic acids. Hyaluron can bind moisture in the skin, gives more elasticity, cushions wrinkles and protects against environmental influences. The Lifting Serum contains a high concentration of the 3-fold Hyaluron Complex. A lifting effect is immediately noticeable and refines the appearance of the skin. It feels smooth and even, the serum is cooling and refreshing when applied. It is absorbed immediately. Then you can apply the face cream.

Evolution is an Austrian company that produces free of synthetic additives, dyes, animal experiments and genetic engineering. Vegan. We are convinced of the product.

In the online shop at 39,90 Euro

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#9 Styx potato balm

After Waldviertel farmers recipe

... Styx makes the potato hand balm. An old home remedy for battered hands and feet based on the knowledge of the effect of the alkaloid solanine, which is extracted from the raw potato. Very effective care cream for rough and chapped skin. Is quickly absorbed without greasing.

At biodirekt, Riedau for Euro 5,95 (50 ml)

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#10 i + m Age Protect Serum Repair

Moisturizing cocktail for the skin

The Serum Repair Age Protect from i + m Berlin protects the skin against premature, environmental aging. Fair trade avocado and argan oil promote rapid regeneration, hyaluronic intensively moisturizes. (Label: BDIH).

Seen at Naturkosmetik Josefstadt around 19,90 Euro.

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#11 Ananne Lavanticum Purifying Cleanser

Quality from Switzerland

The premium natural cosmetics by ananné use pure oils as well as plant and algae extracts. This cleansing milk gently removes even waterproof make-up, helps to combat blemishes and provides a matte skin finish - ideal for dry, sensitive and combination skin .. (Label: BDIH)

Seen at Nägele and Strubbel for 58 Euro

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#14 Farfalla body lotion silhouette miracle

Easy farewell

The Swiss natural cosmetics and fragrance manufacturer Farfalla knows that organic is logical, since 30 years. With the body lotion Silhouette miracle he promises in four weeks at least a 20% tighter skin by strengthening anti-cellulite active ingredients from organic birch sap, longan fruit and ginger. (dermatologically tested)

Organic birch sap: contains a wealth of valuable ingredients such as fruit acids, amino acids, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, ...

The revitalizing pungent ginger gets the circulation going and helps to slow down the growth of fat pads with circulation-promoting properties.

The natural essential oils of lemongrass, rosemary, sage, etc. additionally activate the skin functions.

Whether around 20%, is uncertain because it is hard to measure with the naked eye, but that our skin on the buttocks and thighs has improved is undisputed. We like the fresh one. slightly astringent scent, fast-absorbing texture and smooth, pleasant feel after application. (Label Natrue)

At to 26,89 Euro plus shipping

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#15 Bioemsan Sun Care Oil Sea Buckthorn Olive

Final for the hair wash

Free of synthetic emulsifiers, fragrances and dyes is the conditioner of Bioemsan. Valuable avocado oil, camelina oil, shea butter and wheat protein ensure softer hair. We found it more effective to comb the hair with the conditioner before rinsing it out. Label: Bio Austria, HCS

At Reformhaus Martin In Graz for 22,99 Euro

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#16 Borlind Sun Care

Towards the sun

With the sun protection factor 20 the sun spray from Börlind offers an ideal sun protection with natural care. It provides intensive moisture, is refreshing and absorbs immediately. The cream smells pleasant, does not greasy and protects against UVA and UVB rays. As a spray are very handy and practical in use. Natural cosmetics.

At for 15 Euro.

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#18 Korres Drama Volume Mascara

Korres is a Greek skin care brand founded in 1996, whose products are "developed on the basis of natural and certified organic ingredients". Absolute no-gos are any synthetic additives such as parabens, silicones or mineral oil derivatives. 

The "Black Volcanic Minerals" mascara is enriched with black volcanic minerals and natural active ingredients. It provides nutrients to the eyelashes and has a strengthening and protective effect. 

The comparatively long brush handle lies great in the hand and makes application easy. I also find opacity and durability absolutely satisfactory.

Bought from Drogerie Müller for 19,90 euros.

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#20 Sensena Peeling Walnut & Fig

For scrubbing

The walnut & fig peeling salt from Sensena is a moist, oily and coarse peeling salt that feels pleasant on the skin when massaged in. It makes the skin super soft - without being greasy. From the scent, which lasts for about an hour, we can not get enough of us, although rather sweet! (Label: BDIH)

At bio at the place 2,15 Euro

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#21 Dr. Babor facial cream Derma Cellular

Against the signs of the times

Luxury Face Cream "Derma Cellular (Detoxifying Vitamin Cream)" by Dr. med. Babor with the miracle weapons of modern dermatology. The high-dose vitamins C, A and E protect against oxidative damage from UV radiation, air pollution and nicotine.

At Babor Spa, 1010 Vienna, at 79,50 Euro

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#23 Dr. Scheller anti-wrinkle care Argan Amaranth

Beauty before age

The anti-wrinkle care with argan oil and amaranth by Dr. med. Scheller has proven itself for daily facial care. Whether she smoothes out wrinkles, we can not judge because of the short test phase - but it provides a lot of moisture, does not grease, cares for the demanding skin well, absorbs quickly and smells pleasantly discreetly. Free of silicones and mineral oils and synthetic dyes - controlled natural cosmetics, vegan.

Available at the online shop at 11,95 Euro

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#24 Terra Naturi Body Milk Aloe Vera & Coconut

Good to the skin

After sunbathing we especially appreciated the cooling and healing properties of aloe vera in the body milk of Terra Naturi. It absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant, not too dominant scent of coconut.

Natrue and vegan seals

At Müller for 1,95 Euro

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#25 Weleda Baby Cream Calendula

When it's burning!

The mothers among us agree: The Baby Cream Calendula by Weleda is perfect for care and for slight redness in the diaper area. The consistency is rather light and not too greasy, slightly thinner compared to other baby creams. The babies of our editors have tolerated the cream well. Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, sesame and almond oils keep the skin supple, chamomile cares and bee and wool wax prevent it from drying out. Subtle, pleasant fragrance.

Seen at DM around 6,95 Euro.

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#26 Weleda Day Cream Evening Primrose

Evening primrose candle for mature skin

The day cream from Weleda convinces with quality. It absorbs well and moisturizes. Tigergrassxtrakt invigorates the skin and protects against free radicals. The smell of the evening primrose is harsh. To convince ourselves of the promised wrinkle reduction, we could not test the product long enough. Label: NaTrue

At dm around 23, 95 Euro

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#27 Dr. Hauschka night time

Good night!

The night serum of Dr. med. Hauschka helps the skin to regenerate and renew itself during sleep. With the active ingredient of the rose apple, it is a pleasant, fat-free night care that improves the appearance of the skin and makes it look softer!

At Bio's place in Tulln at 29,50 Euro

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#29 Weleda Edelweiss After Sun Lotion

When it's burning again ....

The Edelweiss After Sun Lotion is the ideal care after a day in the sun. It relieves sun-induced skin irritation and supports a natural, long-lasting tan. The contained organic aloe vera gel forms a moisturizing, cooling and protective layer on the skin. The lotion can be spread well thanks to the light texture and smells pleasantly discreet. A vegan natural product that has become indispensable for our body care in summer.

Online at 14,95 Euro

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#30 Jambú Serum | The "plant botox"

As a (eig.) More than satisfied customer of Master Lin products (which are already mentioned in the list here (eg.: Http:// I must now the list , really great products from the natural cosmetics segment that add Jambú serum from Alsiroyal, this serum flows wonderfully into my Master Lin line and I'm thrilled with the success.

Since my product description is summarized with "I just love it and the effort is actually visible", I would rather complete the subjective description with the text from the homepage, voila:

Special serum against mimic wrinkles - relaxes and smoothes

The most important active ingredient in this serum is Spilanthol, which is extracted from a special extract of the Jambú plant (Acmella oleracea, also called Paracress). It acts gently on the nerve receptors of the skin surface and therefore significantly influences * muscular skin tension. As a result, facial wrinkles in the forehead and mouth area and crow's feet appear visibly smoother.

The effect is optimized by a combination of five different hyaluron species, which supply the skin intensively with moisture at different depths. For naturally relaxed facial features, a smoother complexion and an enviable youthful radiance.

NATRUE certified natural cosmetics

* in vivo drug test (without animal testing)

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#31 NAE purezza - facial cleansing gel

The clarifying cleansing gel from NAE carries the "Cosmebio Cosmos Organic"Label and is vegan. The Codecheck app rates 8 ingredients as harmless and 2 as "slightly unsafe" (Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate). However, no more precise information can be given about the ingredient "perfume".

The tube is made of sugarcane-based plastic. For example, you can see the pitfalls of this packaging alternative here .

The cleansing gel feels refreshing and smells pleasant for my taste. It leaves skin that feels pore-deep and clean, which in my case is a bit tense after cleaning with the colorless gel.

Bought at BIPA for 4,00 euros.

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