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Written by Stephan Tikatsch

Stephan Tikatsch
*05.08.1974/2017/XNUMX in Vienna. Poetry, music, painting, photography and much more Published in European literary newspapers and anthologies. Founded the literary newspaper SYLTSE in XNUMX.

Recent Releases:

sfd animals, 2022, poem: cold shell
Anthology "365 Days of Love" by experimenta, poem (untitled) ... speak freely, 2022/23
Anthology "Yearbook of Poetry" by the AG Literature, poem: Nothing like tomorrow, 2022/23
"Valerian", yearbook of Austrian poetry 2020/21, poem.
"Make way, you traffic light men", AUSREISSER Nr.:97, 2020/21, text image.
"And again no title", sealing ring no.: 57, 2020, lyrical short prose
"blindkohlekopie", volume of poetry 2019.

Poetry School Special Prize 2022, Track 5' - Let's try it

He lives and works in Lower Austria.

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