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Sweden is showing the U-turn in education

Kids off the screen!

After a Stellungnahme Karolinska University, the Swedish government decided to reverse the digitization of preschools. In 2017, Sweden was the only country to oblige daycare centers and schools to introduce tablets, against the protests of many scientists at the time. They criticized that the assumption that digitization would have the positive effects expected by the Swedish education authority was not based on scientific knowledge.

Lisa Thorell, Professor of Developmental Psychology; Torkel Klingberg, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience; Agneta Herlitz, Professor of Psychology; Andreas Olsson, Professor of Psychology, and Ulrika Ådén, Professor and Advisor of Neonatology formulated Karolinska University's statement:

"This statement is not an individual opinion of a faculty, but was passed on to politicians by the entire university. Karolinska University is one of the most important universities in the Nordic countries. […] Sweden is not the first country to pull the ripcord to stop child harm. France, Netherlands, Finland have already done so.”

Swedish Education Minister Lotta Edholm justified the new decision:

“It is obvious that screens have major disadvantages for young children. They hinder learning and language development. Too much screen time can lead to trouble concentrating and crowd out physical activity. We know that human interaction is crucial for learning in the early years of life. Screens simply have no place in preschools.”

The Netherlands and Finland have now taken action and made preschools screen-free again. German education policy, on the other hand, continues to focus on more digitization as a way out of the educational misery.

But this is the wrong way, the children are raised to be smartphone zombies, only the tech companies that sell content, software, devices and online access benefit from it.

We are risking our future, namely losing our children!

This is criticized by many education experts as a mistake. More and more educators, scientists and parents are criticizing the digitization madness of the (un)responsible people in the ministries and school authorities.

In an interview in the Stuttgarter Zeitung, Rector Silke Müller and digital ambassador for the state of Lower Saxony reported on the dramatic psycho-social effects of mobile phone use on children.

Interview in the Stuttgarter Zeitung 5.7.23

Book: We lose our children! 

Contribution to the book in ndr

 The number of young people addicted to smartphones and the Internet (smombies) is increasing, while at the same time school performance in reading, writing, arithmetic and listening is falling dramatically, as are language skills and vocabulary. Motor skills such as balancing, walking backwards, climbing, etc. also atrophy, and there are also health problems due to a lack of exercise. This is confirmed by the study situation.

In his meta-analysis, Prof. Dr. Klaus Zierer, professor for school education at the University of Augsburg:

"The longer children and young people spend their free time with their smartphones and the more time they spend on social media, the lower their academic performance."

He has explained this in detail in various guest articles and interviews, e.g. in the Neue Züricher Zeitung in recent years:

the tablet is a double-edged educational revolution

Digital education: reason and empiricism as an answer to a derailed debate

Bad lessons don't get better with digital media - good ones do

Instead of getting the misery in the education system under control through digitization, we are heading towards an education and health catastrophe. 

Irrespective of the health risks posed by the WLAN of KITAS, schools and other educational institutions with the radiation damage to be expected, more and more scientists are warning against the careless use of digital media because of their effect on the human psyche. The physical consequences are also mentioned.

From digital dementia to the smartphone pandemic

Scientists are finding out more and more that due to the constantly increasing use of digital media, important skills are no longer developed at all or only insufficiently.

The brain researcher Prof. Manfred Spitzer takes the same line. In a lecture that was also very detailed, he described why children become short-sighted through the use of smartphones, why the use of so-called "social media" makes them depressed and why people are becoming more and more autistic, and why "normal" empaths are being lost, so that in Germany one Must pass law banning filming of the dying...

"Digitization in kindergarten and primary school harms the development, health and education of children"

Psychiatrist speaks plain language

The psychiatrist Michael Winterhoff is very worried about our children and young people! In the digitized countries, they can no longer develop into healthy adults. In a detailed lecture, he explains how "normal" and "healthy" development and maturity steps in the development of children and young people are hindered by digital media.

For example, one experiences more and more that young people no longer master basic cultural techniques such as reading. There is also a lack of interpersonal, i.e. social competence...

What needs to be considered so that children and young people can benefit from the new media?

Sensible use of digital media can only be created with good and committed teachers. It just doesn't work without people - no matter what the prophets of the digital age claim


Article on

Digitization with a sense of proportion

Digitally spied on, monitored, robbed and manipulated

Caution – WLAN in schools!



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Written by George Vor

Since the topic of "damage caused by mobile communications" is officially hushed up, I would like to provide information about the risks of mobile data transmission using pulsed microwaves.
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