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Survey: Consumers feel responsible for sustainability

"Nearly 80 percent of people in Austria pay attention to sustainability when using energy, eating and shopping," is the result of a Generali survey.

This is how the Austrian population pays attention to sustainability in everyday life:

1. In nutrition 79%
2. When heating 79%
3. When shopping/shopping 78%
4. In free time 69%
5. When moving 68%
6. When traveling 60%
7. For investments/pensions 53%

However, only recently did one other survey revealed that Austrians overestimate themselves or misjudge their actions. "However, your assessment of which behaviors are particularly valuable as a contribution to sustainability deviates significantly from the vote of the expert group," the article says. For example, while waste separation is not only actively practiced, its importance is also somewhat overestimated. While travel ranks sixth in Generali's representative survey, mobility and travel also performed poorly in the survey cited, taking last place, "while experts regard this as the second most relevant topic."

Also interesting: “When asked who is responsible for more sustainability in our society, the majority answered 'we as consumers' (mean value: 2,13), closely followed by companies (mean value: 2,21). Some way behind is politics (mean: 2,42), followed by investors (mean: 3,24),” according to further results of the Generali survey.

Photo by The Humble Co. on Unsplash

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Written by Karin Bornett

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